Local action film dedicated to security guards earns buzz for promotional poster

November 9, 2022 - 4:58 PM
Security Academy
Promotional poster for "Security Academy" movie as uploaded on SM Cinemas' Facebook page on Nov. 7, 2022. (Facebook/SMCinema)

A promotional poster of a local film describing itself as an advocacy movie for security guards earned online buzz among Filipinos.

Local film exhibitor SM Cinemas on Monday invited Pinoys to watch Angel Films Productions’ action film “Security Academy” starting November 9.

It stars Jeric RavalRicardo Cepeda, Alma Concepcion, Witney Tyson, Janice Jurado, Bing Davao, Pamela Ortiz, Archie Adamos and Tom Oliva.

The movie also features the special participation of Jeric’s daughter, AJ Raval, and introduces Miss Supranational 2013 Mutya Johanna Datul.

It is under the direction of Karlo Conge Montero while the screenplay is by Rudy Ursua.

The movie’s poster garnered several comments from Pinoys on social media following a film exhibitor’s post.

Some were not amused by the layout of the movie poster, commenting that it speaks “graphic design is my passion.”

Visual artists or graphic design firms initially used the phrase in self-advertisement.

It eventually became a meme when the internet parodied it as a sarcastic slogan for images mainly featuring clip art characters superimposed over dark and cloudy backgrounds.

The expression is also used to describe layouts that do not appear to be professionally done by artists.

“This screams Graphics Design is my passion,” a Reddit user said as a reaction to the movie’s poster design.

“Akala ko bomba film nung 1990’s hahaha,” another Redditor commented.

“Hindi to 90s movie? Grabe naman, parang sa Messenger lang in-edit ‘yung poster,” a different Pinoy wrote.

Others were more accepting of the poster’s design.

“Effective naman ‘yung design, madami nakapansin,” a Facebook user wrote with a grinning-face-with-sweat emoji.

“‘Wag [niyong] pagtawanan [‘yung] final output ng isang tao. At one point, lahat ng artist, dumadaan sa simula. It’s not his problem somebody signed off sa ganitong design. He/she probably presented this and they were ok with it. Blame the person na nag-agree na ok [‘to],” another Pinoy said.

A different Facebook user claimed that the movie poster was “meant” to give a “’90s vibe,” saying it “delivers.”

“Also, don’t blame the artist. This seems to be what the client wanted, hence it got approved. Consultants and suppliers can’t always do what they want. They are providing based on parameters and requirements,” he wrote.

Movie posters are used to promote and advertise a film with the intent of persuading the public to watch it.

It is designed to attract potential viewers and leave them with an impact, eyed to translate into ticket sales.