‘Landlord Jungkook?’ Another BTS member appears in Bar exam question

November 17, 2022 - 11:20 AM
Illustration shows BTS member Jungkook and the facade of the Supreme Court (bts.bighitofficial/Instagram; jungkook.97/Instagram; Philstar.com / Erwin Cagadas; Artwork by James Patrick Cruz)

After BTS and Yoongi were featured in one of the Bar exam questions, BTS member Jungkook’s name appeared in one of the questions on the third day of the licensure exams. 

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Under the Civil Law I exam, item 6 read:

“Jungkook, who owns a building, leases the same to Gel with the following terms: (i) the lease is for a period of ten years; (ii) the yearly rental is Php 1,200,000.00 payable within the first ten days of the current year; and (iii) in case of breach of any of the provisions of the lease, Gel is liable to pay Jungkook five monthly rentals and attorney’s fees. Five years into the lease, Gel sends a notice to terminate the lease and offers to pay five monthly rentals. Despite Jungkook’s objections, Gel vacates the premises. Jungkook sues Gel for the rentals due for the remaining five years of the lease. Gel takes the position that her liability should only be limited to five monthly rentals and attorney’s fees.”

Given this scenario, the Bar examinees were asked the following:

  • Is there a penalty clause in the lease agreement? Explain briefly. 
  • As between Jungkook and Gel, who is correct? Explain briefly.

After the Supreme Court publicly released the question on its website and social media channels, BTS fans, commonly known as ARMY, took to Twitter to give their witty answers on who between Jungkook and Gel is correct. 

“Jungkook is always correct. I’m sorry, Gel,” a social media user said in jest.

“Gel ikaw may kasalanan dyan. Never magiging mali ang aming bunso,” a social media user jokingly said referring to Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS. 

“I’d fail this. I know Jungkook is always correct without any explanation,” a Twitter user jokingly said

“Again isa lang sagot dito: Grammy Nominee Jungkook is correct po your honor. No legal basis needed,” an online user quipped

Others joked about Jungkook becoming a landlord or lessor.

“Jungkook niyo landlord na HAHAHAAHAHAHA” a social media user commented.

“Ang totoong tanong: Gel, bakit ka pa kasi umalis kung ang lessor mo na ay the one and only Jeon Jungkook???,” a Twitter user jokingly wrote

“Saan ba yang building na yan, marentahan nga?” he also asked in jest. 

“Gel ikaw ang mali kasi bakit ka pa umalis habang landlord mo na si Jungkook?” a social media user also asked

A Twitter user also asked if a BTS fan crafted the Bar exams. 

“ARMY ba gumawa ng exam?” the tweet read.

Jungkook is expected to perform in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Al Khor, Qatar, on Sunday, November 20, as confirmed by Bighit Music

Coinciding with the Kpop idol’s performance is the last day of the Bar exams. The onsite exams are held in 14 testing centers across the country, with five of them in Metro Manila.

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