How TikTok Pinoy mom Mama Lulu reacted to Beyonce’s ‘Break My Soul’ video feature

December 7, 2022 - 12:52 PM
Composite shows TikTok star Mama Lulu and Beyonce (otakoyakisoba/TikTok; Beyonce/Facebook)

A Filipino mom and TikTok favorite based in the US, Mama Lulu, was featured in Beyonce’s “Break My Soul (Hive Certified)” video

In the video’s introduction, Olly, Mama Lulu’s son jokingly told his mom and sister that he does not like Beyonce’s new song. 

This prompted Mama Lulu to say, “Get out of here, before I break your soul.”

On TikTok, Olly shared the reaction of her mother while watching herself in her idol’s video. 

“I would like to thank Beyoncé, her mother Tina for having her, and my family,” said Mama Lulu while boasting her Beyoncé’s Renaissance cover woven blanket.

“She didn’t spend $100 and wait 2 months for that blanket to go unnoticed. THIS WAS THEE MOMENT,” Olly jokingly said in the comments section. 

@otakoyakisoba Mama and our family are featured on the new Beyoncé Hive Certified Break My Soul video which also features other creators/fans! Thank you @Beyoncé ♬ original sound – otakoyakisoba

Olly also penned a message to the American singer-songwriter.

“We love you Queen bee @Beyoncé and we’re grateful but the Hive still want the visuals for Renaissance. Let’s have lumpia and talk concert tickets,” he said.

As of writing, Beyonce’s “Break My Soul (Hive Certified)” video, which also featured other content creators has earned nearly 200,000 views.