Baguio references Disney lyrics in post showcasing Burnham Lake during Holidays

December 26, 2022 - 12:31 PM
Burnham Lake
Lights decorating the surrounding Burnham Lake in Baguio City in this photo taken by Neil Ongchangco and posted by Baguio Public Information Office on Dec. 13, 2022 (Facebook/pio.baguio)

A public information office referenced phrases associated with a famous Disney song as it shared photos of a tourist attraction bedecked with lights this Holiday season.

Baguio PIO posted pictures of Burnham Lake on its Facebook page with the caption:


The images were taken by Neil Ongchangco of the Baguio Photographers Club.

The phrase on the caption is part of the lyrics of “A Whole New World,” a song heard in the classic 1992 Disney animated film “Aladdin.”

The song was performed by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga, who was Princess Jasmine’s singing voice.

In the movie, it was sung by Aladdin when he invited Jasmine to go on a ride with him on his magic carpet while being disguised as Prince Ali.

Meanwhile, Burnham Lake is said to be the Summer Capital’s “crown jewel.”

It is located at the heart of Burnham Park and is considered Baguio City’s most iconic landmark.

The lake is surrounded by tree-lined pathways, manicured lawns and colorful flower gardens. Visitors can also enjoy boat rides in the tourist attraction.

It is named after Daniel Hudson Burnham, an American architect and urban planner who laid plans and designs for Baguio City.