Jessica Sanchez’s cover of ‘Drunk In Love’ outro makes waves online

January 30, 2023 - 4:38 PM
Composite photo of screenshots of Jessica Sanchez performing her cover of Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" outro in Dubai (TikTok/Jessica Sanchez)

A former “American Idol” was recently the talk of town online for her rendition of Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” live performance.

Jessica Sanchez, a runner-up in the 11th season of the American competition, uploaded a video last week that showed her doing Beyoncé’s outro in a concert in Dubai.

Beyoncé reportedly did a private concert at luxury hotel Atlantis in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on January 21.

This was her first live concert after four years and since the release of her latest album “Renaissance” in 2022.

Despite being a private event, footage of it circulated across different social platforms.

One of these videos was the moment Beyoncé showcased her new outro for “Drunk In Love.” The song came from her 2014 eponymous album.

Jessica uploaded her version of this viral performance last week. She did this in response to another user who made this request.

“Try the Beyoncé Drunk In Love Outro in Dubai,” the comment reads.

@officialjessicasanchez Replying to @yronimuz ♬ original sound – Jessica Sanchez

Her less-than-a-minute video that showcased her vocal talent has since amassed three million views and over 639,000 likes so far on the video-sharing service.

It also soon caught the attention of her previous supporters during her “American Idol” stint. They shared this video on Twitter and Facebook.

Other users, meanwhile, brought up videos of Jessica’s previous performances.

These include her music video for “Tonight”, her lead single from her debut album in 2013. The video featured Ne-Yo.

“She was supposed to be the next main pop girl,” one user said.

Another user also posted a clip of her cover of Jazmine Sullivan’s 2010 hit song “Stuttering”. Jessica performed this in one of the episodes of “American Idol.”

“Jessica Sanchez deserved so much more! She won me over the minute she performed a Jazmine Sullivan deep cut ‘Stuttering’ on American Idol,” another user tweeted.

After her journey in “American Idol”, Jessica became a guest star in an episode of “Glee”, an award-winning comedy-drama series.

She then released her debut album “Me, You & The Music” in 2013. This album, however, could no longer be found on Spotify.

Since then, she has been releasing stand-alone singles and performing gigs in the US.

Jessica released her latest single “Baddie” last September 2022. This song and its music video are available on streaming platforms and on YouTube, respectively.

Beyoncé, meanwhile, reportedly bagged $24 million for her one-hour set show in Dubai.

Amid its popularity online, this invitation-only affair also became divisive among fans. Many of them criticized the 41-year-old singer for agreeing to perform in Dubai amid its policies and views that they disapproved of.