Cheap bottled coffee ranked as ‘god tier’ in this important category

February 21, 2023 - 7:29 PM
Composite photo of advertisements for Kopiko 78 and Kopiko Lucky Day (KopikoPhilippines/Facebook)

A brand of chilled coffee gained buzz on social media after a Filipino digital content company listed the drink as “god tier” among other coffee brands.

PGAG, a company that is known for its comedic content, ranked Kopiko 78°C or Kopiko 78 as the strongest coffee product in the market or in the “god tier” of popular coffees.

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Kopiko 78, which has recently been phased out, landed at the top of PGAG’s hierarchy of coffee products in an infographic posted on its social media channels on Monday, February 20.

Kopiko 78 was replaced with a new variety, Kopiko Lucky Day in stores nationwide.

For PGAG, this affordable bottled drink still topped other well-known offerings from franchise brands. These include Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Seattle’s Best, and Coffee Project.

“Kasi gising ka nang dalawang araw,” its description reads in the post.

The lowest tier or ranking goes to “kape sa lamay” or the instant coffee provided to guests during funerals.

PGAG’s post soon gained traction on Facebook and Twitter.

It garnered 88,000 reactions, 5.700 comments and 28,000 shares on Facebook.

Its tweet, meanwhile, made 2,334 likes, 1,807 quote retweets and 458 retweets.

This infographic also reached the online forum r/Philippines. Here, it was upvoted 880 times by the members of the community.

Moreover, the keyword “Kopiko 78” reached the trending topics of Twitter Philippines.

Several Filipinos, particularly coffee drinkers, joked about the “god tier” status of the Indonesia-based drink.

“Kaya yan god tier kasi makikita mo na si god pag ininom mo yan hahahaha,” one Facebook user said.

“Kopiko 78. God tier kasi may free meet and greet with god,” a Redditor commented.

Some of them recalled how the beverage helped them stay awake when they needed to be in the past.

“Pero yan ang OG (original) pampagising pag nagrereview kami noon. Pag uminom ka nyan, mga three days kang dilat, ikaw na maghahanap ng aaralin,” one Filipino on Twitter said.

“Hindi ako nagkakape kaso one time sa work need ko talaga magdouble o halos triple OT (overtime) pa nga ata yun dahil sa dami ng backlogs. nagtry ako uminom nito nakadalawa ata ako sa whole day. T*ng*na akala ko makakashake hands ko na si Lord,” another Twitter user shared.

Other coffee drinkers, however, disagreed with the ranking. They mentioned other affordable coffee drinks that should’ve been on top.

These include 7/11 City Blends, McCafe, Banh Mi Kitchen’s Vietnamese Coffee, Bo’s Coffee and Nescafe 3-in-1 sachets.

Some once-drinkers, however, relayed their bad experiences with the famed Kopiko bottle.

“Bumili ako kopiko 78 during free time nung JHS tas ininom ko nung hapon. Ayon gumagawa ako assignment sa school that same day tas nanginginig kamay ko. First and last time ko inumin yon, never again,” a Redditor shared.

Kopiko is one of the brands under the Mayora Group, an Indonesian food and beverage company.

It has five varieties, namely, Brown Coffee, Blanca, L.A. Coffee, Black 3-in-One, and Volcanic Coffee.