‘Magtropa po tayo?’: Parody video of Alex Gonzaga birthday issue gains buzz online

January 17, 2023 - 1:26 PM
Screenshots of PGAG parody video of Alex Gonzaga viral cake icing-smearing video (Screenshots/PGAG/Facebook)

A Filipino digital content company reimagined a video involving Alex Gonzaga through a parody video.

The original video showed Alex in a celebratory mood blowing off the candles of her birthday cake. Her husband was with her at that moment.

The actress then took a handful of icing from the cake and smeared it on the server’s forehead for supposed fun.

The video zoomed in on the server’s face after.

This was captured during the celebration of Alex’s 35th birthday on January 15.

Dani Barretto, one of the daughters of Marjorie Barretto, posted this video on her Instagram Story. She later deleted it after it gained traction online.

Prior to deletion, however, several online users managed to make copies of this video clip and shared it on social media.

The keyword “Alex Gonzaga” landed on the trending topics list of Twitter Philippines after clips of Alex’s birthday party made rounds across platforms.

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‘20th birthday concert’

PGAG, a popular digital content company posting memes and humorous videos, released its own satirical version of this moment on the same day.

“Pinahiran ng chocolate cake sa noo si kuya waiter!” the parody video’s caption read on Facebook.

PGAG’s post on Twitter, meanwhile, reads: “Grabe! Kawawa naman si kuya.”

In the parody video, it was another person’s “20th birthday concert.” It also appeared to be shot inside an office with balloons that spell out “HBD”.

The reimagined part was the server talking back to the celebrant in a sarcastic, satirical manner after the female employee put a cake icing on his forehead.

“Ma’am, Ash Wednesday po ba ngayon? Ba’t niyo ko nilagyan ng itim sa noo? Monday pa lang po. ‘Yung ginawa ninyo, ma’am, pang-tropa lang po ‘yun. Close po tayo? Magtropa po tayo?” he asked.

The individual also stressed the following: “Sarado po yung school niyo today? Wala kasi kayong class e!”

Then, the irritation in his voice grew when he suggested with disdain that the celebrant and her husband could continue dabbing his face with cake icing.

“Pero, ma’am, ‘wag kayong makosensya kasi madali naman ‘tong punasan e. Ang arte arte ko naman kung magrereklamo pa ko ‘di ba? At saka waiter lang po ako dito. Ang liit liit na nga ng sinasahod ko, babawan niyo pa dignidad ko, di ba?” the male employee said.

To add humor to their work, PGAG placed witty, hilarious subtitles to the waiter’s monologue.

The video ended with a behind-the-scenes clip of the team looking for tissues to wipe the icing off their hands and one person’s forehead.

In the comments section, PGAG expressed a collective call to respect all service workers.

“We encourage everyone to please treat all service crew and staff in the customer service industry with utmost respect and kindness. PGAG salutes their hard work, patience, and dedication in providing great service to all customers,” the company said.

PGAG’s video soon gained buzz on social media.

On Facebook, it garnered 1.5 million views since posting. Its post on Twitter also earned more than 378,000 views.

Several online users were impressed by how fast the company managed to shoot this video.

“Ambilis ah…mukhang dyan na kayo nakatira sa opis,” a Facebook user said. 

Others also praised the team for the message that the video delivered.

“Kaya lab ko kayo PGAG walang kinatatakutan basta bardagulan,” one Facebook user said.

“Kala ko you’ll throw shade lang kay birthday girl, straight up diss na talaga pala,” another commented.