MRT-3 apologizes over laptop incident but says it’s not liable for loss, damage of items

March 22, 2023 - 10:58 AM
Collage shows a broken laptop (Allana Columbres/Twitter) and a guard inspecting the belongings of passengers through the x-ray scanner (DOTr MRT-3/Facebook)

The MRT-3 management has extended its apology to a train passenger whose laptop was damaged during an x-ray scanner check. 

The management, however, said it is not liable for any losses or damages incurred while the x-ray scanner is in operation and while the passenger is inside MRT-3 premises.

“The MRT-3 has already reached out to Ms. Columbres to apologize for the unfortunate incident and the manner by which the on-duty personnel failed to act with more compassion towards her. It is MRT-3’s policy for the employees to extend utmost courtesy and tolerance to all passengers at all times,” it said in a statement.

On Monday, Allana Columbres shared that security guards failed to attend to her concern when her laptop got stuck in the x-ray scanner last March 15.

“They [guards] just watched and reacted offensively as I was panicking in front of them. We all heard a loud crack, and then the conveyor started moving again,” Columbres said.

“Tiningnan lang ako ng guards at iba pang mga tao while I was having a panic attack. Tinalikuran ako ng guards, and announced on their megaphone ‘Ilagay niyo po nang maayos yung bag niyo para di kayo matulad kay ate dito (referring to me),’” she narrated. 

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Following this, MRT-3’s security personnel will undergo customer service training to improve how they will handle passenger complaints. 

The MRT-3 also countered Columbres’ statement. The management claimed that her bag was already in an upright position when she placed it on the conveyor belt.

“There was also an adequate space between her bag and that of the passenger who was next in line to her,” the train system said. 

“Moreover, MRT-3’s x-ray machine operator immediately stopped the x-ray scanner when the jam registered on the monitor, to prevent a further pile-up. It was then that Ms. Columbres was able to retrieve her bag,” it continued. 

The management also said that Allana placed her backpack on the conveyor belt of the x-ray scanner without informing the security guards on duty.

According to MRT-3’s policy, gadgets should be placed in a separate tray before the tray is placed on the conveyor belt for scanning. 

“This is for the x-ray operators to be able to view the electronic gadgets more clearly as they pass through the x-ray scanner,” it said. 

Allana, however, said that there was no tray available in the Taft station when the incident happened. 

MRT-3 also asked the public to be mindful of their belongings while inside the train system’s premises to prevent any loss or damage.