‘Paalis naman ‘yung mga tao’: How Facebook users edited Sachzna Laparan’s pic

April 4, 2023 - 2:37 PM
Sachzna Laparan
Sachzna Laparan posing with Singapore's Merlion statue on the background in this photo posted on her Facebook page on April 2, 2023 (SachznaOfficial/Facebook)

Online Filipinos gamely heeded the request of an actress to edit her picture in Singapore where she posed with the iconic Merlion statue in the background.

Actress and online personality Sachzna Laparan on Sunday uploaded a picture on her Facebook page where she was spotted smiling while leaning on a rail.

Behind her is the Merlion fountain in the park named after the city-state’s national icon.

The famous park is located at One Fullerton near the Central Business District.

“Pa-edit naman po. Paalis naman ‘yung mga tao. Thanks,” Sachzna wrote on April 2.

Her post has earned 190,000 likes and reactions, 13,000 comments, and over 2,500 shares on the social networking platform so far.

Here are some of the edits made by some Facebook users:

“Binigyan mo pa ako work. PICSART PO GAMIT KO, EXPLORE NIYO ‘YUNG TOOLS,” a Pinoy quipped with emojis.

“GALING!!! GANITO DAPAT!!” Sachzna responded to her in the comments thread.

Another Facebook user edited the picture to change the background altogether.

“Ayan ate Sachzna, ikaw na lang po mag-isa [diyan]. Ikaw daw po mag-adjust HHAAHA,” she wrote with rolling-on-the-floor laughing emojis.

Another online user shared an edit where he was beside the actress.

“Ayan, wala [na] sila. Tayong dalawa [na lang],” he wrote with a heart emoji.

A different Pinoy edited the picture in a way that the people in the background were turned into Merlion statues.

“You’re welcome po,” she commented.

Another Facebook user changed Sachzna’s location.

“Ayan, nilipat [ko na] po kayo ng pwesto, [‘yung hindi] matao,” he commented.

The Merlion statue is a popular tourist attraction in Merlion Park.

It stands at 8.6 meters and features the figure of a mythical lion-fish hybrid.

Legends say that the lion in the statue represents the lion seen by Palembang Prince Sang Nila Utama when he discovered Singapura or “The Lion City.”

Meanwhile, the fish symbolizes Singapore’s roots as a fishing village.

The Merlion statue is the official mascot of the city-state and was used to represent Singapore in sports teams, advertising, tourism, and national identity.