Holy Week hustle: Coworking spaces open to accomodate workers this Lenten Season

April 5, 2023 - 10:47 AM
Co-working spaces
Co-working space of FIRST Coworking Community in this photo on their Facebook page on Dec. 24, 2020; co-working space of NomadsHub.ph in this photo on their Facebook page on Feb. 16, 2021 (firstcoworkingmnl/Facebook; nomadshubph/Facebook)

Do you need to hustle in the Holy Days?

Some coworking spaces announced that they would remain open for Filipinos who need to render working hours as Catholics observe the last days of the Lenten Season and the Day of Valor.

This year, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday fall on April 6 and 7, respectively.

Black Saturday falls on April 8, while Easter Sunday is on April 9.

The Araw ng Katigingan or Day of Valor was initially commemorated on April 9, but President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has moved it to April 10, Monday.

According to the president, the non-working holidays would let Filipinos “avail of the benefits of a longer weekend.”

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In view of the long weekend, businesses have adjusted their hours while others will remain closed for the last days of the Lenten Season.

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However, certain coworking spaces will continue to serve workers who must report for duty during the holidays and the weekend.

FIRST Coworking Community 

The Escolta-based coworking space said it would be open during the Holy Week and on the Day of Valor for 24 hours.

Workers can avail of their fast internet connection, unlimited servings of coffee and water, locker, and free black-and-white document printing of up to ten pages.

The FIRST Coworking Community also offers a fully-airconditioned space and a quiet and cozy atmosphere.

Morgan’s Finest Coffee

The Laguna-based coffee shop said that it could accommodate workers on Maundy Thursday, Black Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

It will be closed on Good Friday.

The coffee shop said it offers a suitable workstation where workers can enjoy their favorite drink.

It also offers a lo-fi slowdown playlist, unlimited Fiber wi-fi connection, and “one-of-a-kind” coffee and pastries.


The Cebu-based coworking space, which also serves as a co-living hostel, said it would be open 24/7 during the Holy Week.

Workers only need to contact the management for reservations.

It offers an hourly rate and a day pass which both include a comfortable and sanitized workspace, reliable high-speed internet, unlimited servings of coffee and iced tea, and free parking.

A coworking space is a shared environment specifically designed to accommodate people who need a place to work.

As such, it is typically quiet and free of loud noises that may distract workers.

These spaces usually include desks and tables with seats and an internet connection.

Some may also offer servings of coffee, water, and snacks for replenishment.

Those who cannot afford to work in their offices or at home can work in such spaces.