‘Claygo Queen’: Filipino drag artist lauded for cleaning after Pride performance

June 27, 2023 - 2:30 PM
Composite photo of screenshots of drag queen Gummy Fantasy during the Pride Event in Makati City on Saturday, June 24, 2023. (GummyFantasy/Twitter)

“Claygo (clean as you go) queen!”

This was the reaction of several Filipinos to a drag queen who quickly cleaned up after her performance where red liquid was spilled onstage.

Filipino drag artist Gummy Fantasy did a moving performance about the long-running protest movement of the LGBTQIA community during the “Tayo ang Kulayaan” Pride March and Festival on Saturday, June 24.

In one of her acts, Gummy Fantasy wore a plain, white dress while performing Rihanna’s hit single “Diamond.”  Several individuals then poured blood-like liquid on her outfit.

This liquid caused the outfit to transform into a pink-colored attire with a big text that reads: “Pride is a protest.”

Gummy Fantasy posted a video clip of this on her Instagram account.

Following her time onstage, the drag artist took the initiative to help the staff clean up the blood-like liquid that spread all over the center stage.

This moment was captured in a live stream of the program on Facebook.

Gummy Fantasy also posted a video of it on Twitter. She juxtaposed this with the video that showed the part where the red liquid was being poured on her.

“Slay now, linis later… HAPPY PRIDE!” the queen tweeted.

The tweet later garnered 2,142 likes, 76 quotes and 368 retweets. The videos also got a collective 103,700 views on the platform.

In the quotes, several Twitter users cheered Gummy Fantasy more for cleaning up after the mess, citing it as “claygo.”

Claygo is a term used for “cleaning up” tables before leaving some establishments.

“She said CLAYGO. I love it,” a Twitter user said.

“Kween of CLAYGO. Love it,” another user tweeted.

“A CLAYGO queen,” another Pinoy user said on Twitter.

Gummy Fantasy also apologized to fellow drag artists who were inconvenienced by her performance.

The pride event, held in Makati City, was organized by the Metro Manila Pride organization. It is one of the organizers of Pride events in Metro Manila.

The “Tayo ang Kulaayan” is also one of the Pride festivities that were held on that day in the region and across the Philippines.