‘Avatar Philippine edition?’: Poster of movie about a pastor’s life story goes viral

August 4, 2023 - 2:51 PM
Sa Kamay Ng Diyos
A zoomed-in version of a poster of "Sa Kamay Ng Diyos: Pastor Jonard N. Pamor Story)" posted by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board on Facebook on Aug. 2, 2023 (MTRCBgov/Facebook)

A movie poster of a film featuring the life story of a Filipino pastor starring actors Aljur Abrenica and Elizabeth Oropesa quickly caught the attention of social media users.

A mall cinema chain on Wednesday, August 1 promoted the movie “Sa Kamay Ng Diyos (Pastor Jonard N. Pamor Story)” on its social media pages by sharing its poster.

The poster featured the character of Aljur looking above with his arms outstretched in the same direction while he is surrounded by flowing water with fish.

The background features lush green foliage with waterfalls.

“Witness the life story of Rev. Jonard N. Pamor starring Aljur Abrenica and Elizabeth Oropesa in ‘Sa Kamay Ng Diyos,’ now showing at SM Cinema!” SM Cinema said in a Facebook post.

The post has amassed a whopping number of over 10,000 pure laughing reactions, 10,000 shares and 3,800 comments ever since it was uploaded.

Some Filipinos poked fun at the movie poster, claiming it appeared amateur compared to today’s film posters.

“Graphic design is my passion,” a Facebook user commented.

The phrase is a meme often used by visual artists or graphic design firms in self-advertisement to imply that they need talented artists who can do better than their intentionally unappealing presented materials.

It is also parodied as a sarcastic slogan for images mainly featuring clip art cartoon characters superimposed over backgrounds.

In other instances, the phrase is used to simply express a reaction over a publication material perceived to be designed in a visually unappealing way.

“Nice WordArt,” another Facebook user commented, referencing a feature in Microsoft Word that allows users to draw texts in documents using graphical and formatting effects like shadows and bevels.

“Kala ko karaoke,” a different Pinoy wrote in the comments.

“Avatar live action, PH [Philippine] edition,” another Facebook user quipped.

A different Pinoy referenced the same “Avatar: The Last Airbender” franchise in another comment.

“TUBIG. LUPA. APOY. HANGIN. Noong unang panahon, payapang namumuhay ang apat na nasyon, ngunit nagbago lahat ng lumusob ang fire nation,” a Facebook user wrote.

Avatar: The Last Air Bender. Charot! #SupportLocal,” a Pinoy on Twitter commented. 

The “Avatar: The Last Air Bender” franchise is set in an Asian-inspired fantasy world where some people can telekinetically manipulate one of the four classical elements: air, water, fire, and earth.

Besides Aljur and Elizabeth, “Sa Kamay Ng Diyos” also features Ali Forbes, Meg Imperial and William Martinez.

The movie is directed by Zaldy Munda and produced by JPM Film Production.

Pastor Jonard himself was also credited as an executive producer in the official poster.

Professional film critic Phil Dy also shared more details about the movie on his Twitter account.

“According to the movie, Jonard Pamor was hired as a security guard for a place called ‘Jeric’s Bakery and Grocery,’ and once had to fight off goons trying to steal 80 million pesos that they were inexplicably transporting in a black van,” he wrote.

Not much information is available online about the pastor, although a cursory search on him yielded a video posted by BRU Digital TV 2020 on YouTube and some pictures of him with unidentified individuals.