How Niana Guerrero reacted after BTS’ Jungkook followed her on TikTok

August 5, 2023 - 5:41 PM
Composite photo of Niana Guerrero and Jeon Jungkook of BTS (nianaguerrero, bts_bighit/Instagram, Twitter)

BTS’ Jungkook followed Niana Guerrero on his official TikTok account.

Fans of both artists noticed Niana’s name on Jungkook’s Following List on the video-sharing service.

Niana joined other celebrities whom the Korean singer is following.

Screenshot of Jungkook’s Follower List

Niana later got notified about this on her TikTok account.

Through her Instagram Stories, she expressed how shocked she was that her favorite member or bias in BTS is now following her.

“Jungkook followed me on TikTok?! What?!” she said.

Niana Guerrero’s reaction after Jungkook followed her on TikTok (nianaguerrero/Instagram)

On Twitter, Niana also expressed shock and confusion.

“I’m so confused WHAT,” she posted.

This move came after Jungkook liked the young vlogger’s cover of his single “Seven.” This chart-topping song and its music video were released on July 14.

Niana also excitedly tweeted about this interaction. She made the “Seven” dance cover video with her sister Natalia.

“JUNGKOOK LIKED,” she wrote with different emojis.

BTS’s fans, collectively called Armys, and Niana’s fans congratulated the TikTok content creator for being the luckiest fan girl.

“From being a Jungkook stan to Jungkook following her on TikTok. She’s the luckiest plssss,” a fan tweeted.

“Some people seriously just keep winning in life and you’re one of them,” another Filipino fan said on Twitter.

“Congrats Niana!!!! The Jeon Jungkook followed you in Tiktok!” another Twitter user cheered.

Jungkook is so far the first member of BTS who has an individual public account on TikTok.

The seven members previously only share their videos in their group account “BTS.”

Jungkook, however, did not create a solo public account intentionally.

He initially shared with his fans his reaction to a dance cover video of Enhypen’s Jay and Jungwon of “Seven.”

The 25-year-old performer posted this reaction on Weverse, a fan mobile application.

By doing so, however, Jungkook accidentally exposed the TikTok account he uses to access Jay and Jungwon’s video.

After realizing this blunder, he quickly changed his username to “JK.” It was then that the “Dreamers” singer made his account public.

Jungkook also went to Weverse to inform his fans about his TikTok account going public.

A fan shared the English translation of his message on Twitter.

“Ah everyone knows my TikTok account now because I shared the Tiktok link kekekekekekekeke (ah I made the nickname Ian… im embarrassed…),” he said.

“That’s right, that’s me. but I’m not going to use it. It’s for monitoring use I quickly changed it to ‘JK’,” he added.

Jungkook further expressed: “But now that it is known, I’ll just leave it as is kekekekeke. It’s better this way.”