‘A pet-friendly community’: Mall management responds to alleged impounding of stray dogs

August 7, 2023 - 6:31 PM
Stray dogs impounded from Ayala Malls Vertis North (AKFanimalrescue/Quezon City Veterinary Department/Facebook)

A mall management upheld its “pet-friendly” policy following a complaint that stray dogs within the vicinity were impounded last week.

Some Filipinos previously took to TikTok to report that some stray dogs that frequent the Ayala Malls Vertis North in Quezon City were taken to the pound.

The videos later reached the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), an animal rescue organization.

In a Facebook post on August 4, AKF posted an open letter addressed to the mall. In the letter, the group challenged the mall’s pet-friendly policies.

“Your establishment claims to be ‘PET-FRIENDLY’ and yet you allowed these dogs to be rounded up. There could have been more proactive ways of dealing with these animals and yet you chose the easiest way out which is to terminate them,” the letter reads.

Several concerned Filipinos also tagged the mall’s official Facebook account to ask for confirmation and update about the seized dogs.

This prompted Ayala Malls Vertis North to issue a statement on the platform later that night.

In its statement, the mall management confirmed that the stray dogs were impounded after a private individual lodged a request to do it to the Quezon City Veterinary Department, citing a bite incident.

Vertis North did not elaborate further on the alleged dog biting case.

“We have received reports regarding the stray dogs impounded within the vicinity of Vertis North. We have coordinated with the Quezon City Veterinary Department and verified that a private individual lodged a request for the impounding of the stray dogs after a bite incident,” the mall management said.

It also maintained that the mall is “pet-friendly” and continues to support efforts to promote animal welfare within its community.

“We are monitoring the welfare of the dogs and we have received information that they have found a foster home. Vertis North and Ayala Malls remain committed to supporting animal welfare efforts of the community. We uphold our position as a pet-friendly community while ensuring the safety of the general public,” it said.

In another post, the AKF uploaded photos of the stray dogs provided by the Quezon City Veterinary Department.

“We got these photos from the Quezon City Veterinary Department. We would like to inform the public that the dogs are well and secured under their care,” the organization said.

Ayala Malls welcomes pet animals in all its establishments provided that pet owners follow the malls’ rules and regulations.

Full details of these rules and regulations can be read on the Ayala Malls website: Ayala Malls Pet Policies: What you need to know.