‘Trash’: Why viewers, drag queens disapprove of this term used in ‘Drag Race PH’

August 17, 2023 - 6:46 PM
Promotional poster for OV Cunt for the "Drag Race Philippines" Season 2 (ovcvnt/Instagram)

Cast members of “Drag Race Philippines” Season 1 and viewers rallied behind a Filipino drag queen after a judge described her outfit as “trash” in the latest episode of the second season.

“DRPH” Season 2 contestant ØV C*nt received a scathing remark from one of the judges because of her look in a design challenge in the last episode of the reality series.

The design challenge involves pairs of queens who have to design looks inspired by events and holidays celebrated in the Philippines. The runway theme was “Who Wore It Bettah?”

Matilduh and OV chose Halloween as their concept for their looks. The former won this challenge.

The latter also received a “trash” remark from the guest judge of the episode, socialite Tessa Prieto-Valdes.

“Can I say it? This is trash!” Tessa expressed with a smile on her face. She also has her pointing finger directed at OV.

In the “Untucked” video of that episode, the Cavite performer had a meltdown because of it. She expressed how she looked like a fool onstage.

“Mukha akong t*ng* kanina,” OV said while sobbing. She was seen later walking out of the werkroom.

Clips of this scene were shared by some “DRPH” Season 2 viewers on social media platforms.

They also reacted in disapproval to Tessa and the show’s production team for allowing “trash” to be lodged at a queen again.

“Sana natuto na yung staffs sa last season about the trash word. Y’all did not remember how Eva Le Queen broke down on ‘Untucked’ and still made that comment on season 2?” a viewer commented.

“Tessa Prieto trying to be edgy by saying a line that made a queen break down…..You really thought u did something there,” another viewer posted.

OV’s supporters also showered the drag queen with support via social media. They also complimented her drag Halloween dress.

Quick recap

During season 1 of “DRPH,” it was Rajo Laurel, a mainstay judge, who told Eva Le Queen that her look for the episode’s runway challenge was “trash” and “ugly.”

Eva broke down when the remaining contestants returned to the werkroom while the judges deliberated.

The scene where the Marikina City queen shed her tears was aired during the “DRPH: Untucked.”

More to the story 

Eva and Marina shared on the X app that Tessa was a guest during the “Reconciliation Dinner” that Rajo organized for them.

This gathering happened after the incident wherein he threw the words “ugly” and “trash” at Eva.

Eva also uploaded a screenshot of her chat with Rajo at that time.

“You all know why I’m so mad? On Oct 4, 2023, Rajo and I had this ‘Reconciliation Dinner’ to finally put this Trash issue behind and move on. Guess who else was a ‘guest’ at that dinner? TESSA PRIETO,” she posted.

In a separate post, Eva described the “Untucked” episode in question as “unsettling and dramatic.”

“Coming home from the club and I’m still not okay with what happened at Untucked. That was unsettling and dramatic in the most uncomfortable way. 2 of my family hitting their lows,” she posted.

OV and another “DRPH” Season 2 contestant Miss Jade So belonged to the same drag house as Eva, the Drag Playhouse PH.

Marina Summers also confirmed the attendance of Tessa in the dinner event with Eva and Rajo.

The “DRPH” Season 1 runner-up also expressed her ire against the socialite.

“What irks me more is the fact that she was with us in a dinner with Eva last year to talk about how that same word affected my sister and her feelings AND not to mention she’s close friends with Sir Rajo, who we know had immense backlash last year for using this word too,” Marina said.

“And for you to say that loosely is so inconsiderate and QUESTIONABLE—both to the QUEENS and HER FRIEND,” she added.