Bretman Rock references Vanessa Hudgens’ Palawan mispronunciation on Instagram

August 29, 2023 - 3:53 PM
Composite photo of Bretman Rock and Vanessa Hudgens (bretmanrock, vanessahudgens/Instagram)

Online users are asking if Bretman Rock intentionally threw shade at Vanessa Hudgens on Instagram during his recent vacation in the Philippines.

Bretman went to Palawan last week for a late birthday celebration with his friends. He documented notable moments of this trip on his Instagram account.

The social media star was born on July 31, 1998.

In a post on August 25, Bretman became emotional in looking back at his journey as a Filipino who grew up in the province of Cagayan.

He also uploaded photos of himself enjoying buko juice and posing for solo portraits at a beach resort in Palawan.

“Only if that little kid who grew up in Sanchez Mira, Cagayan knew he would have everything he ever dreamt of one day. It’s so hard not to feel proud of that little brown boy when I’m home,” his post reads.


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In the comments section, Filipinos fans poured him with love and support.

One Instagram user, meanwhile, quipped about Vanessa, saying: “Vanessa Hudgens is shaking.” The user also added fire emojis.

Bretman saw this comment. In his reply, he referenced Vanessa’s previous post in pronouncing the province’s name.

“B*tch can’t even say Palawan,” he wrote.

Screenshot of Bretman Rock’s reply on Instagram

Last April, Vanessa visited Palawan and other provinces in the Philippines to film a travel documentary about her Filipino heritage.

Her mother Gina Guangco is a Filipino from Tandag, Surigao del Sur.

In an Instagram post, she wrote her learning the right way of pronouncing Palawan.

“So, it’s pa-LA-wan. Not PA-la-wan. Regardless- it’s magical,” Vanessa said.

The “High School Musical” star was also appointed as the global tourism ambassador of the Philippines.

Malacañang bestowed this award to the Filipino-American actress on March 30.

Several Filipinos online, however, pitched other personalities whom they perceived were more deserving of the title.

Names they suggested were Bretman, H.E.R., and Sandara Park.

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Bretman’s fans also brought this up in the comments section of his Instagram posts. They said that they still prefer him to be named the country’s tourism ambassador.

“Why are you not the Philippine tourist ambassador,” a fan commented.

“This is the real ambassador of the Philippines!!! Our queen,” another fan said.

In a previous post, Bretman shared that he got stung by a stingray while enjoying different water activities in Palawan.

He detailed the experience as a response to an Instagram user who got curious about it.

“When I got out, I had two stings and that’s how the locals knew it was a sting ray, I put ice and it helped a lot but on the boat ride back,” Bretman recalled.

“I ran out of ice, and I was legit rethinking my life, then they put plant medicine and then boom she’s healed,” he added.

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In his latest post, Bretman gushed about how beautiful the place was.

He also described the Philippines as his “home.”

“This place is just as beautiful as my Mama, that’s why they call it Mother Land. Mentally, I’m always home,” Bretman said.


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