‘Hindi biro yung ginagawa ko’: Why talent fees are important to vlogger Kween Yasmin

December 14, 2023 - 9:32 AM
Picture of Yasmin Asistido or Kween Yasmin (www.facebookyasminasistido.090/Facebook)

Vlogger Yasmin Asistido brought up the importance of talent fees in performances after she learned she wouldn’t get paid for a booked event.

Yasmin, also known as Kween Yasmin, took to Facebook to express her dismay at a student organization that invited her to perform at an event. She neither named the school nor the organization.

“Para sa akin kasi, hindi biro yung ginagawa ko. Kahit pagod, tuloy pa rin para magpasaya ng maraming tao all the time, efforts, the time and pag pe-prepare para maging maayos yung gagawin na ipe-perform,” she said.

“Tapos walang bayad?” the personality added.

Yasmin also pointed out the rising prices of basic commodities, thus warranting talent fees for her work.

“Kasi lalo na’t ngayon nagtataasan na mga bilihin ng products. Kaya ngayon pa lang need din ng TF or talent fee for that do things every happen all the times you’re doing events. Kaya for me hindi po ko tumatanggap na hindi bayad,” she said.

Yasmin also attached a screenshot of her exchange in a private chat with one of the organizers. Here, the organizer admitted to her that the student organization would be unable to pay her due to a lack of funds.

To this, the vlogger formally declined the offer.

“Ah okay. Sorry, I can’t go. Because need TF. Because you may put in the effort. Thanks so much,” she said.

Yasmin also explained the reason why she has become firm on receiving talent fees for every performance.

“Kasi nangyari na rin to sakin before na may hindi nagbayad. Kaya ayaw ko na to maranasan. At hindi ko hahayaan na mangyari uli yun,” she recalled.

“That’s why I decided to decline this one event. Because the talent fee is important to build up your every step. Buti pa yung mga iilan. Nagbibigay ng talent fee at pinahahalagaan ang effort na and husay na iyong ginawa,” the content creator also said.

Yasmin posted this situation on December 11. It has since garnered 2,600 reactions, 290 comments and 191 shares on Facebook.

Several Filipinos, meanwhile, applauded her for “knowing her worth.”

“You’re doing great Kween! You know your worth and you should be proud of that. A real [queen],” a Facebook user said.

“Artists/influencers need to make a living too. I hope we will not take advantage of them because just like us, they need a source of income and this is their job,” another Facebook user reacted.

“Yes, Kween! Know your worth!” a Facebook user also cheered for her.

They also expressed appreciation to the student organizers’ honesty.

“Totally understand your point. Walang masama, what they’re paying you is yung effort mo, talent and presence. Still, kudos to the school org for being honest. At least na set yung expectation na walang maibabayad kesa naman nag commit pero walang binayad,” a Facebook user said. 

Yasmin gained fame for her song covers and parodies of popular local box-office movies she uploads on her YouTube channel and Facebook account.

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She currently has 118,000 subscribers on YouTube and 387,000 followers on Facebook.