Korean resto stresses ‘integrity’ in response to secret takeout incident

February 14, 2024 - 9:13 AM
Samgyup sa Bahay
Supposed screengrab of a video that has reached the Samgyup sa Bahay as posted on its Facebook page on Feb. 12, 2024 (Samgyupsabahay/Facebook)

A Korean restaurant said it will continue to provide its customers with the “best food and service” they can offer despite an online video suggesting someone discreetly taking their meal home.

Samgyup sa Bahay on Monday posted screenshots of a supposed Facebook video with the caption “LUTO PA MORE.”

It also featured a text within the clip which reads: “POV: ‘YONG HINDI [NIYO] NA MAUBOS.”

The screenshots showed a young woman eating a meal, wrapping it, and then appearing to put it in her bag with a smile.

Normally, if a customer wishes to take home their unfinished meal, they can request the restaurant staff to pack it securely.

The meals would be packed in foil and/or styrofoam and then secured within a paper bag for a takeout.

The supposed video reached the Korean restaurant, which emphasized the company’s core values.

“Despite this incident, we will still strive to provide our guests with the best food and service that our brand has to offer,” Samgyup sa Bahay said on Facebook on February 12.

“Our company will remain intact with its core values: compassionate, purpose-driven, progressive, and with intact integrity. We still believe that most of our guests also share the same values with which we treat them,” it added.

“At the end of the day, our goal is to give our best and make their time enjoyable. Even though we feel vulnerable in this video, we are still glad that they had an enjoyable Samgyup sa Bahay experience,” the resto continued.

The reported incident drew flak from some Pinoys who called out the people in the video.

“Bakit pinagmamalaki [pa] nila,” a Facebook user wrote.

“[‘Yung] mali na nga, pero pinagmalaki pa,” another user commented.

“Kadiriii ka, gurl…” wrote a different Pinoy.

“Patay gutom, kahiya,” another user commented.

Samgyup sa Bahay is a Korean restaurant that offers unlimited samgyeopsal or Korean barbecue to its diners. This means an eat-all-you-can experience, often leading to satisfied and well-fed guests.