‘You’re amazing’: Photo ops, chants greet Taylor Sheesh in Australia

February 20, 2024 - 3:35 PM
Taylor Sheesh_Australia
Screengrab of Australians taking a picture with Taylor Sheesh in this video posted by the Philippine Concerts on Facebook; Taylor Sheesh in this picture posted by the Philippine Concerts on Facebook (philippineconcerts/Facebook)

Several foreigners were spotted taking pictures with Filipino drag artist Taylor Sheesh in Australia.

Mac Coronel, popularly known as Taylor Sheesh, Taylor Swift’s Pinoy impersonator, staged her “The Errors Tour” at the Federation Square in Melbourne last Friday, the same day her idol performed for her fans in Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

“The Errors Tour” is a play on Swift’s ongoing record-breaking “The Eras Tour,” which celebrates her different musical eras, from country girl to a phenomenal pop star.

Meanwhile, Taylor Sheesh admitted to being surprised by the number of people who watched her perform in the Land Down Under.

During a guesting on the Australian morning show “The Today Show,” Taylor Sheesh said that she did not expect 100,000 people to watch her concert, where she channels the popstar with lip-synching performances and wardrobe changes.

Taylor Sheesh described the Aussie Swifties as “insane and wild.”

“They gave [their full] energy from start to finish of our show,” she added.

A video of them chanting her stage name was uploaded by Philippine Concerts on the X (formerly Twitter) platform, which Taylor Sheesh responded to with several crying and heart emojis.

Philippine Concerts also posted a clip of Taylor Sheesh being approached by Australians and wanting to take photos with her.

One exclaimed that they “watched” the Taylor Swift impersonator in one of her concerts and said she was “amazing.”

The video delighted some of Taylor Sheesh’s fans, who expressed their amazement in the comments section.

“She deserves all the love and support. She worked hard, definitely,” a Facebook user wrote.

“Awww! Yay,” another user commented.

“Dasurvvv! Happy for you, Mimasaurus,” exclaimed a different Pinoy.

Taylor Sheesh also capped off her Australia visit by watching Swift’s very own concert in the same country.

The drag performer has been professionally impersonating Swift since 2017, although she has been a Swiftie since 2009.

Taylor Sheesh became known globally after a video of her performing in a Quezon City mall in 2023 caught widespread attention.

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Her 2023 performance got international coverage, appearing in the likes of “Good Morning America” and “Rolling Stone.”

Although Taylor Sheesh has no idea yet about Swift’s opinion of her impersonation, she hopes the pop star likes what she’s doing.