Allegations surface after netizen calls out hotel over body shaming

February 27, 2024 - 11:56 AM
Diamond Hotel
Swimming pool of Diamond Hotel in this photo from its website (

More allegations of body shaming were shared after a Facebook user called out a luxurious hotel in Manila for displaying “unprofessional” behavior towards his girlfriend applying as an intern.

Facebook user Carlo Macuja Tandico on Saturday, February 24, shared his girlfriend’s experience after being called for an interview at Diamond Hotel for her internship as required by her school.

Tandico said that she has been “looking and going around Metro Manila and Tagaytay” for two consecutive weeks, seeking three-to-five-star hotels where she can do her internship.

“She then received a text message last Wednesday for an interview from Diamond Hotel. We have been delighted as finally, this will [make] her dream come true to finish her college,” he wrote.

“She went last Thursday and spoke with one of your Managers and she was called as ‘Gasul’ kasi daw, ‘Maliit ka na nga, mataba pa.’ Manager added, ‘That’s true! Mag-reduce ka!'” Tandico added.

“Sadly, she didn’t make it. I can see the frustration and disappointment on her face. How she was sad and demotivated that day. Worst? CRYING. We get the point, you have requirements, physically. But the way your managers act and speak? TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and UNPROFESSIONAL!” he continued.

Tandico then warned students and other people who are seeking internships to be wary of the hotel, claiming it has a “toxic” environment.

“I’m calling you out, Diamond Hotel! I don’t want others to feel what my girlfriend had experienced. She [deserves] an apology. Hence, this shouldn’t be normalized,” he said.

Tandico added in the comments that he has been receiving messages from others sharing similar experiences.

“I think that’s how they treat interns. Everybody is dealing with life. Is it really hard to be kind these days?” he wrote.

Tandico shared messages from anonymous users who disclosed their encounters with body shaming at the hotel.

“Bro, totoo ‘yan. Ayaw nga minsan ipalabas ‘yung kakilala ko sa front desk kasi chubby siya. Sinabihan pa siya, bakit raw pupunta siya sa front desk. Sinisita siya ng wala namang ginagawa. Tapos, during interview din, minamata siya,” a user wrote.

The user added that his comments were also based on the “observation” of his friend.

Another anonymous user claimed that they also heard a similar story from the hotel when they were still applying.

“Kaso ang sabi sa’kin is tatawagan daw nila ako and sana daw magbawas ako ng kain, kahit papano. I mean, okay [lang] naman sa’kin sabihan ng ganoon, pero t*n*ina? Ang dami kong pinuntahang interview pero sila lang nagsabi sa’kin ng ganoon, hahahaahahaha,” the user said.

Another user alleged that their friend also has the “same experience.”

A different sender also claimed to have applied as a waiter in the hotel before, adding that they were not interviewed.

“Pinatayo na lang kami ng [manager] isa-isa sa harapan niya, sabi sa’min, ang papayat ng apat ah (‘yung isa kasi medyo bulky ‘yung katawan), pero no [experience] sa waiter. Kaming tatlo, meron,” the sender wrote.

The user claimed that instead of a formal interview, they were requested to stand while their physical appearance was examined.

“Ang hindi ko matanggap, hinataw kami sa dibdib [nang] malakas eh, sabay kutya sa’ming apat na kesyo payat daw,” he added.

Another user alleged being rejected by the hotel during their internship interview, adding that they opened up about their medical condition.

“Not totally body shame, but yeah, hindi ako natanggap and I don’t know the exact reason, pero alam ko sa sarili ko kung bakit. Super sungit din nung nag-interview sa’kin,” they wrote.

The hotel has responded to Tandico’s post in the comments, assuring him that they are “currently investigating the matter.”

“We assure you that we take your posting/complaint seriously and we will take any and all appropriate actions as maybe warranted under the situation. We will apprise you of the results of the investigation,” the hotel wrote.

The accommodation also released a short statement about the issue which has since gone viral.

“Diamond Hotel Philippines is aware of a recent Facebook post that brought attention to an alleged incident concerning an internship applicant,” it said on the same day Tandico shared his post.

“We want to assure everyone that the hotel does not tolerate such behavior and take these claims seriously. The hotel is currently investigating the matter to take appropriate actions,” the hotel added.

Diamond Hotel describes itself as a “deluxe hotel” that has “excellent service standards,” which it said sets it apart from other accommodations.

“The team of highly qualified and competent personnel is gifted with multi-talented skills and possesses the undaunted ‘Diamond Spirit,'” it said on its LinkedIn page.

The 31-year-old hotel also calls itself the “Jewel by the Bay.”