Viral ‘Suntukan sa Ace Hardware’ Facebook event remembered on 8th anniversary

March 11, 2024 - 11:31 AM
Ace Hardware store
Entrance of an ACE Hardware branch in SM City Mindpro as posted on its Facebook page on Dec. 10, 2020 (AceHardwarePhilippines/Facebook)

The viral “Suntukan sa Ace Hardware” Facebook event that was created in the same month eight years ago saw itself reentering online conversations anew.

There are varying reports about the party responsible for the creation of the event before.

An online publication said it was created by the Facebook page “Mr. Balagbag: Tuberong Kulay Green” in March 2016, while another news outlet said it was created by the page “NSFW.”

The so-called fistfight was scheduled for 3 p.m. April 15 of the same year at the Ace Hardware branch of SM City Lucena in Quezon province.

During that time, creating Facebook events was popular among Filipinos.

Users have the option to choose whether they are “going” or are “interested.” They can also opt to choose “not going.”

Reports said that the event became so viral that the hardware store had to issue a statement disowning it.

“We appreciate the excitement created by the April 15 ‘Suntukan sa Ace Hardware’ event that went viral on Facebook,” it said on its Facebook page on March 31, 2016.

“However, we do not encourage this type of digital publicity. No such event was organized by Ace Hardware in SM City Lucena or any of our branches. Thank you,” the store added.

Meanwhile, as the eighth anniversary of its Facebook event creation date happens this month, the viral phenomenon was once again talked about online.

“Never forgetti..” a Facebook user wrote on Monday, March 11 with a grinning-with-sweat emoji .

“Bring back the suntukan sa Ace Hardware,” another user quipped on Monday.

“Up, may bagong patch na ba,” wrote a different user on the same day.

“So kelan po itutuloy?” another user recently commented.

While the hardware store disowned the event, it reportedly set up a small mock boxing ring where Filipinos could take photos while pretending to be in a fistfight during the scheduled event.