‘Laban lang’: Man sells paintings to raise money for wife’s cancer treatment

April 1, 2024 - 6:09 PM
Jerry Novo Inteligando
Jerry Novo Inteligando in this photo posted on his Facebook on March 21, 2024; Jerry in this photo posted on his Facebook on March 22, 2024 (jerry.inteligando/Facebook)

“Laban lang.”

This was the comment of a man who is selling his paintings to raise money for the chemotherapy of his wife with cancer.

Facebook user Jerry Novo Inteligando caught the attention of online Filipinos when he posted his artwork for sale, saying that the money would go toward his spouse’s cancer treatment.

Some of his posts have gone viral, with his initial post amassing 58,000 reactions and 25,000 shares.

“For sale, para sa kemo [chemotherapy] ni misis,” Jerry said on his first painting for sale on March 21.

Another post featured Jerry repainting a statue of a religious figure, saying it was for his wife’s chemotherapy.

Another artwork of Jerry featured a horse.

“For sale, para sa kemo ni misis po,” he wrote. It has earned 12,000 likes and reactions and 6,700 shares so far.

Jerry also shared a video of him retouching an artwork for a client.

“Laban lang, para maipagamot si misis,” he wrote in the caption.

“Maraming salamat sa suporta,” the artist added. He also wrote the hashtag “#fightingcancertogether.”

Jerry’s latest post featured a painting of local fishermen venturing to the sea.

“10k para sa kemo ni misis,” he said, saying the artwork is for P10,000.

In the comments section, his son, Kent Hope Inteligando, said that his mom was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.

He added she already had her first chemotherapy session.

“Alam ko mahaba-habang laban pa ito, [pero] kakayanin! Laban lang, nanay,” Kent wrote.

He also called on those who would like donate for his mom’s cancer treatment can do so through his GCash account with the number 0947-529-6085, adding that any amount would be of great help.

In an interview with Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital (PSND), Jerry said that he would do “everything” for his wife.

“Ginamit ko lang ang painting ko upang makatulong sa misis kong may cancer para sa kanyang chemo,” he said.

“Sana matulungan kami ng nakapaligid sa amin,” the artist added.

Chemotherapy sessions for cancer treatment are extremely costly.

A 2023 report notes that the treatment can cost from P120,000 to as much as over P1 million.

Meanwhile, its estimate cost per session starts at P20,000 up to over P120,000, depending on the cancer type.