Andi Eigenmann blasts Jake Ejercito over planned joint custody suit

April 22, 2017 - 9:30 PM
Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito.

In a series of tweets posted Thursday and Friday, actress Andi Eigenmann once again took to task former boyfriend Jake Ejercito in response to his reported plan to file a petition for joint custody of their five-year old daughter Adrianna Gabrielle, nicknamed Ellie.

Andi was obviously upset when she started her tirade but her initial tweets were not exactly clear on whom she was referring to.

Although she never mentioned his name, Andi’s later tweet about “real justice” prevailing “over a family with power and (lots of money)” was an obvious reference to Jake and his family as it also echoed her initial reaction when news about Jake’s joint custody petition was reported early this month.

In an earlier report by ABS-CBN News, Andi was quoted as saying that she was very much open to talking to Jake and his family when it came to what was best for Ellie.

“But they don’t want to talk to me. I understand they are powerful, they are wealthy, they can solve anything through more complicated stuff,” the 26-year-old actress and daughter of acclaimed screen actress Jaclyn Jose by the late Mark Gil.

Recalling her personal history with Jake, who only admitted to being Ellie’s biological father five years after she was born and only after it was confirmed by a DNA test, Andi said that her biggest mistake was choosing him, “over anybody else, over and over again.”

Andi then proceeded to question Jake’s motivation for filing the joint custody petition and even asked what kind of father he had been to Ellie.

Andi also lectured Jake on the importance of a mother to a child.

In one of her last tweets, Andi took a surprising conciliatory tone, hoping that Jake would no longer pursue the joint custody case.

As of this posting, Jake had yet to respond to Andi’s tirade. However, in an interview with,  he refuted what Andi said about him and his family not open to communicating with her.

“Hindi aabot sa ganito na magpa-file kami ng case kung nakakausap siya nang maayos. We tried going through a lot of people. Actually, we started preparing for a case late last year pa, but hindi naman itinutuloy kasi we’re hoping na mapag-usapan. So it’s a bummer na pinapalabas nila na hindi ka marunong makipag-usap,” Jake said.

Jake added that he was not really asking for much. “It’s only right for a father to spend time with his daughter. That’s very important for a child’s formative years,” he pointed out.