The good kind: Ivana Alawi pranks delivery riders by giving them helmet, P10K cash each

January 26, 2021 - 7:08 PM

Actress-vlogger Ivana Alawi made some Filipinos teary-eyed through her latest vlog.

The 24-year-old YouTube personality surprised eight delivery riders each with a full-face helmet and P10,000 cash in her latest wholesome “pranks.”

Alawi “ordered” from several food delivery services using a different name and then engaged them in a mini-game.

Each of them would still receive a helmet and cash despite the outcome.

Alawi said that she decided to share her blessings with the delivery riders after hearing stories of them being scammed by some online buyers.

“Palagi kasi akong umo-order ng pagkain sa mga delivery, tapos ‘di ba kahit nung pandemic, sila talaga ‘yung bumabyahe, so I think it’s time to give back,” she said in her vlog uploaded on Monday.

“Yung reason talaga kung bakit ko ‘to ginagawa is because marami akong nakikita na scammer na mga tao na akala nila nakakatawa na pagtripan nila ang mga driver na nagpapakahirap magtrabaho,” Alawi added.

“Maraming way na maglokohan kayo pero huwag mong pag-tripan ang isang tao na nagtatrabaho ng marangal. Kaya ako, I’ll try to help in my own small way,” she further said.

Her initiative warmed Filipinos’ hearts as they found it “inspiring” and “wholesome.”

Some claimed to have realized how much they appreciate delivery riders, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic, because of Alawi’s vlog.

“Ivana’s latest vlog made me subscribe to her channel. Huhu grabe rin (talaga) appreciation ko sa mga riders. They made our lives convenient, lalo na during pandemic,” a Twitter user said in response to Alawi’s video.

“Tinapos ko! Ivana is such an inspiration and not annoying to watch, I must say. More blessings to you girl!” another online user exclaimed.

“Naiyak ako nito habang (nanonood) sa vlog ni Ivana, kasi (may) riders naging emotional habang na surprise,” a Facebook user wrote in response to the reports.

Last September, 10 food delivery riders were scammed into delivering something for an individual in Las Piñas who turned out to be non-existent.

A similar incident happened in the area the following month when a same number of delivery riders were scammed into delivering food worth P20,000.

More than ten riders of Foodpanda likewise experienced such a scenario in December. The items, which were delivered to Manila, were reportedly worth between P1,700 to P1,900 in cash.

Transactions have largely gone digital due to the threats of the COVID-19 with people avoiding physical contact and shifting to virtual means of acquiring almost everything from items to food.

This has caused a surge in the popularity of delivery services, wherein people can have things delivered to them without going out of the safety of their homes.

— Featured video from Ivana Alawi via YouTube