What happens when Rufa Mae Quinto becomes your ‘Waze navigator’

August 7, 2018 - 8:50 PM
A screenshot from Rufa Mae Quinto's audition vlog.

“Go, go, go!” “To the highest level!” are just some of the catch phrases made famous by sexy comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto, but can you imagine her saying these lines while you navigate through Metro Manila traffic?

This is not a drill— after receiving requests to audition as a command voice for navigation application Waze, Quinto made a vlog showing how she would apply as the featured navigation voice.

For one of her first contents in her newly launched YouTube channel, Quinto last Saturday uploaded an almost four-minute long video which gives a glimpse of how it will be like if she becomes the Waze command voice.

The vlog is titled “Rufa ‘Waze’ Quinto Audition Video.”

“Napagod ako dito ha. Kaya sana naman, baka naman, Waze. Yohooo, waze, what are you waiting for? Go go go na! Todo na to, yesss!,” the comedienne wrote in her vlog.

Requests to feature her as a navigation app command voice date backs to July 2017 when Waze Asia Pacific Regional announced that they will be having a Filipino navigation voice.

Television Network CNN Philippines then asked the public’s choice on which Filipino celebrity they would like to be featured as Waze Navigation voice. Quinto was among the top suggestions of netizens.

A year later, Quinto granted the public’s request and made it to the top trending videos of YouTube in the country.

“Maganda yan para kahit matraffic eh good vibes ka parin dahil sa boses ni Miss Peachy,” YouTube user Filipino Archmage commented.

“Nagiisa ka lng talaga Miss Rufa Mae! Hahaha, dami kong tawa! Go Go Go straight to the point! Hahaha,” YouTube Yuen De Castro also commented.

As of posting, the actress’s Waze audition video earned over 230,000 views and is now the top 18 trending video in the Philippines.

Waze, meanwhile, made a Filipino language option available for its users. The Filipino language features a friendly female voice called Adora.

It was officially launched in July 2017.