Rufa Mae Quinto gives the funniest speech at an awards ceremony

October 9, 2018 - 11:19 AM
Rufa Mae Quinto in a photoshoot
Rufa Mae Quinto amused Filipinos when she delivered what could be considered the funniest speech at the ALTA Media Icon Awards held at the University of Perpetual Help. (Instagram/rufamaequinto)

Filipinos were amused when Rufa Mae Quinto delivered an acceptance speech at the University of Perpetual Help after receiving the Best Comedy Show Award in behalf of the longtime-running sitcom “Home Sweetie Home.”

Quinto has been a regular of the show since October 2017, playing the role of Lia, Toni Gonzaga’s best friend. It is her first show since she switched to the Kapamilya network last year.

Her unusual way of giving the acceptance speech became the highlight of the program, where she can be heard exclaiming her signature phrase in a hyper mode to the audience, “Go, go, go! Whooo!”

Filipinos were quick to share their reactions on the moment that was captured on video.

The Best Comedy Show Award was given to “Home Sweetie Home” at the ALTA Media Icon Awards held at the university.

ALTA Media Icon Awards is a student’s choice award-giving body initiated by the University of the Perpetual Help System DALTA in celebration of its 40th founding anniversary in 2015.

According to its chairman and founder Antonio Tamayo, the awards recognize outstanding media programs, personalities and entities that had contributed to the social development of the Philippines and promoted Filipino values anchored on the Perpetualite philosophy of “Character Building is Nation Building.”

“Home Sweetie Home” touches on the family life of Filipinos and how one addresses a growing household in a family-oriented society.

It has since won eight awards from different award-giving bodies since its television debut in 2014.

Humor in speeches 

While the ALTA Media Icon Awards is a formal event, Quinto’s quirky way of delivering the acceptance speech appealed to the audience and social media users who welcomed her refreshing take.

International public speaker and trainer John Zimmer noted that humor instantly links the speaker to the audience. It creates a bond with them and makes the speaker more likeable.

“A speaker who uses humor well comes across as more human, more likeable. This puts an audience at ease and makes people more receptive to your ideas,” he shared.

Zimmer also noted that humor energizes the audience, keeps them engaged in the speech all throughout, gives them emotional relief, helps them remember the key points immediately and leaves them with a good impression of the speaker.