‘Chill na tayo’: Alex Gonzaga patches things up with rapper Matthaios after viral rap battle

June 12, 2020 - 7:30 PM
Alex Gonzaga
Alex Gonzaga in New Jersey, USA in November 2019. (Photo from Alex Gonzaga via Instagram)

Television host actress turned vlogger Alex Gonzaga said that she has resolved her online “feud” with rapper Matthaios after being involved in a word war with the “Catriona” hit-maker.

This involved a rap battle.

The 32-year-old vlogger urged her followers to “relax” and “chill” since she claimed that she has already settled things with Jun Matthew Brecio, also known as Matthaios, following their viral exchange.

“Guys relax tayo! Nag-usap na kami. Chill na tayo abangan nyo nalang susunod na mangyayari hehehe please no hate just LOVE!!!” Gonzaga wrote with a heart emoji as she tagged the rapper.

Matthaios also retweeted her post on his profile but didn’t reply any further.

He is known for performing the viral hit “Catriona” that was inspired by none other than Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray. The song also inspired a dance trend on social media under the hashtag #CatrionaDance.

While some Filipinos were happy about Gonzaga settling the matter with Matthaios, others speculated that the whole affair might’ve been “scripted.”

“Ayy sayang may popcorn na ko ih,” an online user wrote.

There were some who criticized the rapper and claimed that only Luis Manzano has the “right” to diss the vlogger.

Gonzaga is constantly embroiled in banters with Manzano online, which could be described as “kulitan.”

The rap battle

Reports note that the so-called feud between the vlogger and Matthaios started when the latter dissed Gonzaga’s song released last year called “AMFEE.”

Ewan ko na lang ah, pero I just heard yung song na ‘AMFEE’ and I think she was facing the mirror nung kinakanta niya ‘yon. Lol, jk!” the rapper tweeted on June 8 with a peace finger emoji. 

Gonzaga initially responded to him with the following: “Please. SMH (shaking my head).”

She eventually released a video of herself rapping and tagged Matthaios.

“Bars!!! Fyi (for your information) little one, talo ng jeje ang conyo,” Gonzaga wrote.

Part of her rap included such lines: “May mga pa-conyo ‘yessir, yessir’ Oy, Matthaios, huwag ako. Talo ng jeje ang conyo.”

Matthaios responded with his own rap that included the lines of: “Sino ka nga ulit? Eh ‘yung ‘Chambe’ mo nga hindi naman malupit. Bakit ba sa tingin mo ikaw ang mas angat? Eh sa vlogs ka lang naman talaga sikat.”

Chambe” was one of Gonzaga’s music videos that landed on local YouTube’s trending list in 2018. It was inspired by the nickname of her nephew Severiano Elliott, the son of her older sister Toni with Paul Soriano.

Gonzaga didn’t back down and released another rap video where she tagged Matthaios with the caption: “Ayoko na sana pumatol pero….”

She hit Matthaios’ song “Catriona” with the following lines:

“Una sa lahat, sa nagawa mo nang kanta, ikaw ba ay nagbayad na kay Catriona? Ikaw kasi ay gumamit sa sikat, ika’y sumabit. Ang tawag nga sa’yo Mr. Universe na pangit. At least ako sa Chambe, alam ito ni Seve. Approved pa nga ni Toni.”

Matthaios didn’t respond any further and on Thursday evening, Gonzaga announced that she has settled things with him.

The rapper might not have Gray’s permission as Gonzaga had claimed in the video but he had the opportunity to personally meet the beauty queen early this year.

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