‘Finished na’: Reactions after Dina Bonnevie confirmed confronting Alex Gonzaga over work ethic

January 31, 2023 - 8:36 PM
Dina Bonnevie
Dina Bonnevie in "Fast Talk With Boy Abunda" in this GMA Network livestream uploaded to YouTube on January 23, 2023 (Screengrab from YouTube/GMANetwork) 

Comments of seasoned actress Dina Bonnevie to an “unprofessional” old co-worker during her guesting at GMA Network’s “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” gained buzz on Twitter.

The actress appeared on the talk show on January 31 where she was asked if she was referring to Alex Gonzaga in an old press conference clip that has become viral.

In the viral clip taken in 2018, Dina recalled that she confronted a young actress who she was working with in 2011. She described the latter as having an “attitude.”

“Talagang sinabihan ko siya, ‘Who do you think you are? Are you famous? Who are you? What name have you made? Have you carved your name in stone in showbiz? Your call is at 9 o’clock and you come down from your van at 12 o’clock na naka-pajama? Really?'” Dina said.

“Pero lahat kami, kasi, mga senior stars kami noon, talagang pinaghihintay niya kami lagi,” she added.

The veteran actress did not drop any names in that interview but online users speculated that she was referring to Alex, who she has worked with in the drama romance series “P.S. I Love You.”

Dina on Tuesday confirmed the allegations and said that she was referring to the vlogger-actress.

“We were doing a teleserye then, and it didn’t come naman without reason,” she told Boy.

“Kaya lang kasi, it didn’t only happen once. It happened once, twice, thrice, so hindi lang naman ako,” Dina added.

“There were other co-workers who were getting irked about [her] working habits and the way she was working with us,” the veteran actress continued.

Dina also revealed that Alex had a hard time crying when they were taping for the show before.

“May eksena siya [Alex], dapat iiyak siya, eh parang mommy niya ako noon. Hindi siya maka-iyak,” she said.

“Sabi ko, ‘Alex, you know why you cannot cry? Because you are not in touch with your emotions. You’re very indifferent to your co-workers. You know, honestly, I want to talk to you. Kasi, you know, we don’t like what you’re doing,'” the veteran actress added.

Many online users shared a clip of Dina’s confirmation and comments, adding their own reactions on Twitter.

“‘You know Alex you cannot cry because you’re not in touch with your emotions. You’re very indifferent to your co-workers…’ AGUY! Wala na talaga. Finished na ata talaga ang career AG (Attitude Gurl). Charaught,” a Pinoy wrote in response to Dina’s  clip.

“Wala na, na-confirm na-confirm ‘yung attitude ni girl!!!” another Twitter user commented.

“LOL YIKES. This is what you get of still making fun of the cake-smearing issue. Exposed ka tuloy, dasurb,” wrote a different Pinoy, referring to Alex.

Work attitude

Talks about Alex’s supposed work ethic and attitude during tapings circulated online after her cake-smearing video where she was filmed smearing a server’s forehead with cake icing.

Actor-singer Reb Atadero shared his encounter with an actress he did not identify on January 17.

At that time, social media users speculated that he was referring to Alex since the viral cake-smearing video circulated during the same period.

Reb worked with the actress on the movie “My Rebound Girl.”

“Since I keep getting tagged here on Facebook… ayan na. 2016 pa ‘to. Hindi ko na lang pinalaki before, but it’s one of those stories you tell your close friends,” he said, posting screengrabs of his tweets.


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Among those that commented on Reb’s post was Broadway star Lea Salonga.

“Goddamn, Reb, you’ve now piqued my curiosity! And I know what the theater people would say to this story!” she wrote on Reb’s Instagram post.

John Mark Yap, a stage manager and social media manager, also claimed that Alex was “always the cause of delay in shooting” in  “My Rebound Girl.”

He is credited as a social manager for the film.

“She was even very rude to @rebranger who did a small role in that film when they were at the tent! I’ll let Reb tell that story but I swear, she really has a bad attitude and everyone on set saw/experienced it,” John said, mentioning Reb’s account.

PR executive KL Carpio also claimed to have worked with Alex twice as a production designer, tweeting that she was “rude” in their pictorials.

“Prepared na ‘yung set and everything, pumasok ‘yung magkapatid, sinitsitan ako at pinaabot sa’kin ‘yung bag na parang alalay ako. I have an assistant but I never ask for help like that,” he wrote.

Cake-smearing incident 

Alex made headlines earlier this month when she smeared Allan Crisostomo’s forehead with cake icing during her advanced 35th birthday party.

The server briefly turned his head away while others in the room cheered after the vlogger blew her candles.

Many personalities called on Alex to treat service workers with respect following the incident.

Peter Ledesma, her family’s “longtime publicist friend,” said that the server is “a friend of Mommy Pinty Gonzaga and Soriano family.”

News reports later revealed that Allan wrote a signed letter, saying that Alex approached him and asked for an apology.

The vlogger also said that she was “truly sorry” for the incident.

“On my birthday, God taught me a hard and important lesson. Humility, kindness and better judgment. I am truly sorry, Kuya Allan,” Alex tweeted on January 18.

“To my family, I am sorry for causing you pain and embarrassment. I will rise from this a wiser and better person,” she added.