Amid ‘Aunt Julie’ series, TikTok duets’ success, Macoy Dubs thanks local Twitter for outpouring support

August 19, 2020 - 7:45 PM
A photo of Mark Averilla as Auntie Julie on Facebook (MacoyDubs/Released)

Content creator Mark Averilla or Macoy Dubs thanked his fans online for supporting his latest video series where he pretended to be a witty aunt named “Auntie Julie.”

Over the weekend, Averilla introduced his fans a character named “Auntie Julie,” a funny and friendly “Tita” from Saint Pedro Poveda College, commonly called as “Poveda.”

Filipinos followed the aunt’s stories via Averilla’s short video clips where she expressed her fondness over her niece Cassandra and son Robert, and funny conversations with her former classmates.

Following praises and edits from fans and fellow content creator, the social media personality shared a short message to his followers on Twitter early Wednesday.

“Bago lang ako matulog, I just wanna thank everyone coz mukhang happy kayo sa Aunt Julie series, dets namin ni Ms K at sa mga iba pang content na inupload since nung bumalik ako sa Twitter nung Dec 2019,” Averilla said.

“Grabe guys from Mean Girls dubbed videos nung 2017 umabot tayo dito. Alam naman ninyong di natin ‘to mararating kung di rin dahil sa inyo. Kaya thank you!” he added.

Averilla started the “Aunt Julie” series last Saturday, August 15, when he posted two video clips where his character attended a reunion with best friends.

These were also the videos where he introduced Aunt Julie’s niece, Cassandra.

The next day, Averilla uploaded a sequel wherein he depicted Aunt Julie hanging out with Robert at a restaurant and later, met with her classmate from Poveda.

She also tried to match Robert to her godson Eduardo and shared her interest with the dating app Grindr.

Several online personalities later edited this hilarious video clip and produced them as a TikTok duet video.

The most popular among them were Justin Dizon who acted as Eduardo and Karl Bau who portrayed Robert.

Dizon even explained in his own version that he sought the help of Averilla in using the TikTok app.

“Mahigit one hour kong ginagawa yang entry na yan so pls be kind,” he said.

Last Monday, Averilla made another version of the series wherein Aunt Julie spilled some gossip with her classmates via a video conferencing app.

Actress-television host Carmela “K” Brosas produced her own version of Averilla’s clip anew, wherein she acted as one of Aunt Julie’s classmates in the video call.

The latest of the series was uploaded on Tuesday where Aunt Julie supposedly met Robert’s partner while waiting for her classmates at home.

Since the character of “Aunt Julie” was launched, the character’s name has been making it to the local Twitter’s top trending list, with thousands of tweets under its belt.

Averilla started gaining online traction after his dubbed videos of  “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Mean Girls” became viral on social media.

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During the quarantine period, Averilla has started other series such as the government employee and delivery service series.

He recently injected satirical take on national concerns in his videos.

Averilla was among the 19 bloggers and influencers in a group called Concerned Online Citizens who filed a petition before the Supreme Court to challenge the controversial Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 early this month.