Heart Evangelista joins Macoy Dubs’ ‘Aunt Julie’ TikTok skit on ‘tita’ struggling with video call

November 20, 2020 - 12:19 PM
Macoy and Heart
Mark Averilla endorsing Levi's in this photo from his Facebook page uploaded on Nov. 9, 2020 (right) and Heart Evangelista with a Louis Vuitton bag on his photo uploaded on her Facebook page on July 30, 2020 (right).

Social media personality “Macoy Dubs” or Mark Averilla shared a TikTok collaboration with Heart Evangelista where he did a spoof on a Filipina “tita” or aunt during a video call through his Auntie Julie persona.

The “Mean Girls” dubber posted the video on his Facebook page on Tuesday with the caption “HEART” and a series of red heart emojis.

It has garnered 53,000 likes and reactions, more than 880 shares and over 400 comments as of this writing.

In the TikTok skit, Evangelista portrayed “Pia,” who was supposed to send a driver to pick up Aunt Julie. In the video call, the two struggled understanding each other due to an internet connectivity problem.

Prior to this video, Evangelista sent a direct message to Averilla on Instagram, where she shared her appreciation of his videos.

The content creator, who admitted to being a fan of the artist-socialite, took a screengrab of the exchange and gushed about it to his followers.

“Lord pwede mo na ako kunin. Omggg choz! Solved na ako! Hahahaha omggggg ‘di ko po kinakaya sis,” Averilla wrote as a caption.

Meanwhile, Averilla previously uploaded a video of him acting as Auntie Julie and being in a video call. It was meant to impersonate some Filipino aunts who supposedly have loud voices when it comes to calling up people through devices.

“‘Yung tita mong malakas boses sa video call. Emz,” he captioned.

This video has reached 34,000 likes and reactions, more than 700 comments and 1,000 Facebook shares as of this writing.

Averilla is known for his Auntie Julie persona where he plays a pearl-wearing progressive aunt who has captured the admiration of the local online community for his witty videos, some with social climate commentaries.

Meanwhile, his TikTok video playing as an aunt struggling in a video call amused his followers, who claimed of it being a supposedly accurate portrayal of their own aunts or even their mothers.

“Perfect representation of my mom talking to me thru Messenger!” commented a Facebook user.

“Gantong ganto nanay ko… Lakas na nga ng boses, naka-SPEAKER pa,” wrote another online user with laughing-with-tears emojis.

“(Yung) naka-headphone (ka pa) tapos ‘yung tita mo ‘pag nagsalita, parang sasabog eardrum mo sa lakas ng soundwave,” shared another Filipino.

“Ahahaha ganyan na ganyan mga tita ko,” commented a different Facebook user with a laughing-with-tears emoji.