Viral #NinaLive performance gets Filipinos bringing out ‘pulutan’ and drinks

April 6, 2021 - 2:27 PM
Nina livestream
A screengrab of Nina Girado's Facebook lives stream performance on April 5, 2021. (Screengrab by Interaksyon from Nina 'Diamond Soul Siren' Girado via Facebook)

It’s time to bring out sisig and beer!

This was what Filipinos had in mind when they watched musical artist Nina Girado serenade her fans with her soulful performance in a 3-hour Facebook live stream on Monday evening.

The “Diamond Soul Siren” performed hits such as “Jealous,” “Someday,” “Foolish Heart,” a cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License” as well as one of the theme songs of South Korean series “Crash Landing on You,” among others.

Nina’s live stream reached 48,000 likes and reactions, 86,000 comments and a whopping number of 1.3 million views on the social networking platform.

The hashtag “#NinaLive” also gained traction on local Twitter as fans gushed over her performance which they said helped alleviate their stress on a workday.

Others shared photos of them munching on “pulutan” or snacks that are consumed with drinks as they watch the singer perform online.

“Pulutan” pertains to snacks or meals that are typically served in small amounts and enjoyed with beer or any alcoholic beverage.

These include sisig or chopped pork with onions, calamares or fried squid rings, crispy pata or deep-fried pork leg and chicharon or pork cracklings.

Others pretended to order “pulutan” while watching Nina perform, reminiscent of pre-pandemic days when musicians would perform live in a resto-bar while the audience would eat or drink with their friends.

“Kuya, pa follow up nung isang bucket ng San Mig saka ‘yung sizzling hotdogs,” a Twitter user quipped with a screenshot of Nina’s live stream.

“Isa nga pong bucket ng Red Horse at sisig sa table 8!” a Facebook user likewise quipped.

Nina also treated her fans to a Facebook live stream performance on the same month last year.

The singer is the first Filipina to receive the Diamond Record Award after her “Nina Live!” album sold 220,000 copies before.

Nina is also cited as the artist who popularized the acoustic phenomenon in the country because of her soulful and sentimental hits and song covers.