‘Wag ka nang mawala’: Mayonnaise, Kosang Marlon perform ‘Jopay’ together

January 31, 2023 - 3:50 PM
TikTok star Kosang Marlon and OPM band Mayonnaise sing "Jopay" (Screengrabbed from Kaycee Garcia/Facebook)

The viral TikTok creator Kosang Marlon rocked the stage along with the OPM band Mayonnaise

The band’s frontman Monty Macalino jammed with Marlon following the viral personality’s version of “Jopay” on Wednesday, January 25 at 19 East in Muntinlupa City.  

The crowd was hyped by the collaboration of the band and Marlon. It also brought laughter among social media users.

“Si Monty pa talaga nag-adjust at bumack up sa kanya,” an online user jokingly said

“Mayonnaise na nag-adjust. Aliw!” an online user wrote

“Gulong gulo na ako kung ano ba talaga ang tono ng kantang ‘Jopay’ na yan,” a Facebook user commented

After their jamming session, Monty said that he wishes Marlon success. 

“Wala kaming ibang nais kung hindi sana yumaman ka rin tulad namin,” the band’s vocalist said. 

Early this year, Marlon gained buzz for his hilarious cover of “Jopay.”

Many imitated how the content creator sang “Wag ka nang mawala” lyrics of “Jopay.” Others said they are experiencing LSS or last-song syndrome because of Marlon’s rendition

Because of his popularity, the content creator also headlined some local shows during fiestas. 

Late last year, the song “Jopay” went viral after almost two decades since it was released.

One of the reasons behind its hype is the 2022 movie “Ngayon Kaya” starring Janine Gutierrez and Paulo Avelino. The film included the viral song in its official soundtrack. Mayonnaise also appeared in the film. 

The song also earned online buzz after TikTok creator Gigiboy Jose did a “greatest what if” monologue as the song plays in the background. 

Monty, who wrote “Jopay,” previously revealed that his inspiration behind the viral song was Jopay Paguia-Zamora of the girl group, SexBomb Girls.

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