‘I hope this ends here’: Kim Chiu says sorry over cat remark anew

January 26, 2022 - 6:25 PM
Kim Chiu
Kim Chiu in this photo taken by Haidee Fernandez as uploaded on her official Instagram account on Dec. 24, 2021. (Photo from Instagram/chinitaprincess)

Online Filipinos made suggestions to actress-host Kim Chiu who reiterated her apology over a previous remark that had hints of animal cruelty.

The “It’s Showtime” host on Tuesday addressed a Twitter user who told her to say sorry for the comment she blurted about stray cats.

“I love you but I think you should apologize with this, make a statement before the situation (gets) worse,” the online user tweeted, tagging Kim.

The online user also shared a link to a post which featured a screengrab of a video when the actress-host had made the controversial remark.

In an episode of the noontime program last December 6, Kim co-hosted the polling segment “Madlang Pi-Poll” where one question pertained to noise disturbances during nighttime.

One of the possible answers caught her attention—cats making noises on rooftops. Such instances pertain to felines mating or fighting each other due to territory issues.

“Nakakainis ‘yun, ‘no? ‘Yung gusto mo sabuyan ng mainit na tubig kasi maingay,” Kim commented.

The TV host later on apologized for her remark in the same episode and emphasized that she does not condone animal cruelty.

However, the issue continued to stir buzz online, which prompted Kim to stress her apology through a series of tweets.

“I really want to remain quiet on this, because this was a month or 2 months ago. I cleared this already, RIGHT AFTER saying those words, and asked for apology, same day same segment, (’cause) I know that I will never do it and cleared that it’s not really ganun.”

“But the thing is, social media or that person who posted it, opted to cut the part where I was saying my apology and explain my side that same episode. But as usual, some marites will really choose to see the bad on that situation, ganun naman minsan sa atin. Mas gusto ng karamihan palabasin kang super mean, ‘yung diin na diin… kahit wala ka naman ginawa ‘pa.’ Para ka nang (gumawa ng) masama sa mata nila.” 

“That’s the sad part. Pero kung may ginawa kang maganda, hindi (masyado) papansinin. ‘Pag masama… ‘Happy fiesta!’ But, oh well. Ganun sa atin eh. But I’m asking for—again—for things to be clear, hopefully, (for the 2nd time after two months).”

“Pasensya na po to all animal lovers, I didn’t mean to say those words, nor do those actions. Parang wala sa panahon ngayon ang gagawa ng ganun. ‘Wag na natin palakihin pa, dahil wala naman talagang nasaktan. I hope I made myself clear. I hope this ends here.” 

Some online users aired their suggestions to the host following the incident.

A Facebook user told her to keep mum if she “can’t say nice words.”

Another Filipino advised her to be “more careful in the future.”

“You don’t have to be an animal lover to show concern for them. You just have to be human. This world is not only for insensitive humans. Animals too, are God’s creations, remember that. You are far more noisy than they are. Blurting out those insensitivities, making us think you are really cruel to them,” she wrote.

A different online user said that the public should not “normalize” animal cruelty.

“Hindi man sinadya, hindi man intensyon ni Kim Chiu, still, hindi normal ‘yung sinabi niya. ‘Wag kayong pala-normalize diyan, porke ginagawa ng kapitbahay niyo,” she wrote.

Another Filipino suggested for the host to donate to animal shelters instead.

“Try to reconcile na lang, Ms. Kim, donate ka po sa mga animal shelter para naman makabawi ka po,” she commented, tagging some animal welfare orgs like the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, Animal Kingdom Foundation, Strays Worth Saving,Furry Tails Hinundayan and MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society reported that there are 12 million stray cats and dogs in the country as of 2019.

Every year, thousands of animals are euthanized in pounds. Some die of diseases, hunger, or sustained wounds from fighting with other animals or humans.

The Animal Welfare Act states that it is unlawful for any person to torture any animal.

People who likewise “neglect to provide adequate care, sustenance of shelter, or maltreat any animal” may also be subjected to imprisonment and/or fines.