Ivana Alawi, Zeinab Harake, Toni Fowler lament Facebook pages’ disappearance

October 5, 2022 - 12:06 PM
Photo shows content creators Ivana Alawi, Zeinab Harake, and Toni Fowler (ivanaalawi/Instagram; tonifowlerpo/Instagram; and zeinab_harake/Instagram)

Content creators Ivana AlawiZeinab Harake and Toni Fowler lamented the removal of their respective Facebook pages

In an Instagram video, Alawi shared that her Facebook page, which had about 19 million followers, disappeared without an explanation. 

“Tinanggal ng Facebook ‘yung page ko. No violations. No update kung bakit nila tinanggal. Bigla na lang nila ni-remove,” she said in the video.

“There must be something deeper to this. Why are big pages being targeted? Is Facebook even safe for creators and influencers?” Ivana added.


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Zeinab shared the same experience as Ivana after her page was “removed without explanation, no warning, no solution.”

“My 13M page is gone and now pati na rin kay Ivana. Guys, be careful. Nakaka stress ‘to [nang] malala. Bigla nila aalisin page mo without any violation or problem,” Zeinab said. 

“Three weeks na ‘kong nangungulit. Stressed at umiiyak dahil apektado ‘yung trabaho ko at lalong-lalo upload ko ng vlogs because of this. Please help us!” she added.

Following the reports of the disappearance of the social media pages of Ivana and Zeinab, Toni revealed that she no longer has a page on the platform because it was also taken down. 

“Kaya ako wala nakong Facebook page eh. Pang-apat kong Facebook page ganyan din nangyari. Ilang taon mo paghihirapan tapos walang notif ng kahit na anong report tapos biglang BOOM wala na,” Toni said in a tweet

Facebook has yet to release a statement about the removal of pages of Filipino content creators. 

Why Facebook takes down pages

Facebook said that it takes down or puts limits on pages if these pages do not follow the social media giant’s community standards

Some of the common reasons why a Facebook page may be removed or limited include the following:

  • Not all admins of the Page have authentic profiles
  • The page has admins that went against Facebook’s Community Standard
  • The page has a misleading name
  • Page posts content that may mislead people who like or follow the Facebook page
  • The content posted on the Facebook page goes against the hate speech policies
  • The page has severely or repeatedly violated Facebook’s Ads Policies

Those who believe their respective page was taken down or received limits by mistake may appeal or contact Facebook.