Bianca Gonzales highlights purpose of #PaanoBaTo vlog in response to critic

October 27, 2022 - 4:38 PM
This image shows a photo of Bianca Gonzales in November 2021. (Bianca Gonzales/Facebook)

“My goal with #PaanoBaTo is to empower people to get through tough times.”

TV personality Bianca Gonzales expressed this on Twitter on October 26 in a rare response to an online user who appeared to ridicule her YouTube channel for its supposed poor views.

Bianca, who normally ignores negative comments, shared a Twitter thread that stated her purpose for creating the content she releases on her YouTube channel “iamsuperbianca.”

She also posted a screenshot of this comment that reads: “Walang views ang mga vlog niya.”

Bianca also replied to the online user.

“May problema ka ba sa 2,300 na nanood nitong video? Paki-explain naman sa akin ng comment mo,” she wrote.

In her thread, Bianca bared that she often receives these comments that she knew were meant to insult her.

The former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate, however, pointed out that the purpose of her vlog #PaanoBaTo is to help people in trying times.

“While it would be great for everyone on YouTube to have millions of views, that is not the reality. I don’t measure my worth as a person with the number of views, subscribers, likes or comments I get. My goal with #PaanoBaTo is to empower people to get through tough times,” the TV host said.

“For me, with every video, 2,000 views man yan o 50,000, if there are people who are inspired to go on and keep pushing, that is a huge WIN for me. The letters I get from people who say my guest’s story inspired them to pursue this, or pushed them to try again, that is priceless,” she added.

Bianca also explained that the stories she features in her videos aim to guide people to get through their problems and to let them know that they are not alone in their daily battles in life.

She is also grateful for the brands that she had partnered with along the way.

“Ngayon. Kung sa 2,300 na nanood ng video, may 1 o 5 o 10, o kahit 20 na gumaan ang bigat na nararamdaman, nabigyan ng idea on how to handle their problem, o na-inspire makagawa ng solusyon sa pinagdadaanan nila, THAT to me is success. That makes my work fulfilling and rewarding,” the content creator said.

Her channel currently has 166,000 subscribers. Bianca joined the video-sharing platform on Jan. 3, 2014.

Addressing criticisms

Bianca also stressed that each vlogger and YouTube channel is different.

“Let me get one thing clear: iba-iba ng rason ang tao to create content on YouTube. Some create content on YouTube as a full-time career, some as a creative outlet, some as a form of self-expression, and some, like me, create content to reach out to others and help. Iba-iba ng purpose ng tao sa YouTube and before starting a channel, that should be clear to you,” she said.

Addressing those who are commenting negatively on other people’s YouTube channels, the “Paano Ba ‘To?! (How to Survive Growing Up)” author told them to think twice if leaving such remarks made them “feel good” or not.

Bianca then offered an encouraging message to other vloggers who do not gain many views.

“And to the content creator with a few hundred or few thousand views, go back to the reason WHY you started your channel. What’s your goal? What’s the purpose of your videos? As long as that is clear to you, then other’s comments that have nothing to do with that is just noise,” Bianca said.