‘Literally, just me’: Bianca Gonzales welcomes 40s with raw, no-makeup photoshoot

March 14, 2023 - 10:32 AM
Composite photo of Bianca Gonzales in her photoshoot for her 40th birthday (iamsuperbianca/Facebook)

Bianca Gonzales embraced her 40s with a photoshoot that showcased her raw, no-makeup facial features.

Bianca, a long-time vlogger, model and television personality, uploaded photos from this shoot on Monday, March 13. This was a few days after her birthday last March 11.

The photoshoot was done by celebrity photographer and Bianca’s friend, BJ Pascual.

Bianca also shared the behind-the-scene story of how the pictorial came to be.

Before her birthday, Bianca reached out to BJ and told him about her concept for the photos.

“Beej, I turn 40 this March and I wanna shoot a portrait that’s very raw, no makeup or styling, literally ‘this is me’ ang peg,” Bianca quoted her request to BJ in the post.

“Don’t edit out my lines, eye bags or sun spots ha,” she further instructed him.

Bianca said that she was happy that BJ immediately understood her pitch for her “looks.”

“BJ understood the deeper meaning of what I wanted to do. With no makeup artist, no hairstylist, no stylist on set, we just played around,” she said.

“I put on some lip oil, BJ got down on his knee to zhush my hair, Damian his right-hand man fanned my hair for wind effect, and his assistant Rolly curled the ends of my hair for one shot. The most chill shoot ever, and one of my favorites to date,” detailed “The Voice Kids” host.

Bianca also recalled that she has worn full makeup, hair and styling since she started modeling at 17.

While she admitted that she loved it, Bianca said that it has been her aspiration to do a “raw portrait” of herself.

Back then, however, the TV host doubted if she could pull it off.

It was only as she grew older that she fully embraced her body’s flaws and imperfections.

“I’ve been proud of my morena skin for many years, yes, but it’s only now that I’ve fully embraced and accepted all my body’s flaws and imperfections, peklats, dark knees and all. I still get conscious about it at times, but I’m no longer tough on myself about it. In this stage of my life, I feel confident to step in front of a lens with no makeup on my face. Literally, just me,” Bianca said.

With the stunning results of her snapshots, Bianca expressed her deep gratitude to her friend photographer.

“Thank you BJ, you are a creative genius and I love you! These are officially my favorite portraits because you captured ME,” she said.

Her post has since garnered 26,000 reactions, 745 comments and 1,300 shares on Facebook.

Bianca also got herself tattoos for the first time with the names of her children, Lucia and Carmen, by tattoo artist Topek Gungab.

She has been married to former PBA star JC Intal since 2014. Sh