‘Do it after the show’: Marina Summers, Eva Le Queen remind fans of etiquette during drag shows

December 26, 2022 - 5:34 PM
This composite photo shows "Drag Race Philippines" Season 1 Marina Summers and Eva Le Queen. (Marina Summers and Eva Le Queen/Facebook)

Former contestants of “Drag Race Philippines” Season 1 discussed drag etiquette in response to a fan who accused them of being snobs.

In a tweet, a fan alleged that Marina Summers, “DRPH” Season 1 runner-up, and Eva Le Queen, “DRPH” Season finalist, were snobbish when asked for a quick photo with them during a drag show. The Twitter user tagged the accounts of Marina, Eva and the “DRPH” franchise in the tweet.

“Ang aarte naman nitong si @marinaxsummers at @eva_lequeen! Nilapitan ko para mag pa picture lang saglit, tapos di namansin sa isang bar. Nanunuod daw kasi sila ng show. Tapos sigaw pa ng sigaw yung isang baklang mataba ng ‘ano to? Ano to? Ekes na mga accla!’” the tweet reads.

“Di ako nagdemand! I only asked isang beses mga accla. Noong nadeny at nasnub! E di alis! Wala problema! Sinabi ko [lang] experience ko!” the Twitter user added.

Given that their accounts were tagged in the tweet, both drag queens quickly reacted to the fan’s claims and addressed the accusation.

In a quote-retweet, Marina made emphasis on her “drag etiquette” while a fellow queen was performing on stage.

“It’s my drag etiquette to watch a show attentively when a drag queen is performing on stage as much as possible,” Marina said.

“I always POLITELY request ‘to do it after the show’, ako pa mismo lalapit/magreremind sainyo after their set if I could,” she added.

Marina explained that she knows the struggle of getting the audience’s attention because she performed in clubs before.

“I performed in clubs before and I know the feeling when people aren’t responsive. Mahirap makipag agawan ng attention sa audience lalo na pag may alak, tao at telepono. At the end of the day, just like you, I came there to watch our local queens. Wala naman sigurong masama don,” she said.

The “Divine” singer further expressed that this is how much she respects the local drag scene.

“I am a huge fan of our local drag. I love and respect them so much and I would never make them feel undervalued. Merry Christmas, next time picture tayo ulit (after their show),” Marina said.

Eva, meanwhile, told the user that it is perceived as “rude” to take photos with fans if a drag queen is performing on stage.

“Let’s address this. When we go to bars with other queens performing, we RESPECT and pay ATTENTION to their show and appreciate them,” she said.

“We are open naman to take photos but it is RUDE to do it habang may nagpeperform na kapwa namen drag. Hindi yun inarte. Respeto at etiquette yun,” Eva added.

The show that was being referred to in their conversations was not specified.

The “DRPH” Season 1 concluded last October with Precious Paula Nicole being crowned as the country’s first Drag Race Superstar.

Talks about fan behavior and etiquette, meanwhile, recently made headlines after members of Choco Mucho Flying Titans allegedly snubbed their star-struck fans.

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