Dimples Romana celebrates after daughter passed commercial pilot license exams

January 9, 2023 - 4:35 PM
Photo shows actress Dimples Romana and her daughter Callie (callieahmee/Instagram)

Actress Dimples Romana beamed with pride after her daughter Callie passed commercial pilot license exams in Australia. 

“My super ultra introvert of a daughter Christiana Amanda Lauren Romana-Ahmee just PASSED her very first CPL (Commercial Pilot License) exams in Australia for Aerodynamics,” Dimples wrote on Instagram on Sunday, January 8. 

The Australian Government said this license is needed if a person intends to fly an aircraft as a pilot in command or co-pilot in commercial operations.

Depending on what is listed on the issued license, a pilot with a commercial pilot license may fly an airplane, helicopter, gyroplane, airship, powered lift or gilder.

“After years of listening, guiding, supporting, understanding and giving Capt @callieahmee what we felt would make her happiest and most empowered, she is now living her OWN DREAMS, CREATING her OWN PATH. And thriving and SOARING without having to change anything in her,” the actress added.

“She is flying high, achieving so much and STILL she is that SAME, quiet, shy, reserved, lighthearted, sweet, and thoughtful introverted child she has always been,” she continued. 

Dimples also shared old photos of her 19-year-old daughter. 

The actress encouraged parents to “let the kids decide and embrace the way they are.” 

In October last year, Callie passed the private pilot license exams. 

Dimples has two more younger children, namely Alonzo and Elio. 

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