‘What happened to our luggage?’: Aiko Melendez asks PAL about damaged luggage

February 2, 2023 - 3:59 PM
Composite photo of snapshots that showed the luggage of Aiko Melendez with tears and cracks, posted on February 1, 2023 (mariaemilia.melendez.7/Facebook)

Aiko Melendez on Wednesday took to social media to ask for an explanation about her luggage that got damaged during a flight to Taipei, Taiwan.

In a post on February 1, Aiko also uploaded photos that showed cracks on her luggage. She also tagged Philippine Airlines’ official Facebook page.

Philippine Airlines what happened with our luggage? Our belongings should be treated with care. It was not a full flight, but I’m wondering what went wrong,” the veteran actress said.

Aiko further noted that her luggage was from a brand with a reputation for sturdy bags and suitcases.

“Rimowa is known to be [for heavy-duty luggage.] It takes a lot of force for this [to] be damaged,” she added with the hashtag #disappointed.

The photos showed cracks and tears on a side of the luggage.

In the comments section, businessman GP Reyes asked Aiko for further details about what happened.

In her reply, Aiko said that she had just arrived from Taiwan when she saw the breakage on her bag.

“I just arrived in Taiwan…and when our luggage got out of the carousel ganyan na bro. Tapos we were looking for a counter na we can report this, walang counter,” she said.

“I received a message from IG bro they said I should have filed a complaint? How bro eh wala tao and yung isang kausap namen di marunong mag-English,” Aiko added.

Screenshot of the chats of Aiko Melendez and GP Reyes

PAL’s Facebook administrator later responded to Aiko’s post.

The country’s flagship carrier replied to her post in the comments section.

“We are truly sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused. We understand how important your baggage is. We have noted that you have also reached out to us via Instagram. We assure you that we are looking into this matter and we’ll get back to you with updates via direct message. Thank you,” PAL’s comment reads.

Several Filipinos, meanwhile, expressed empathy for Aiko.

They also shared misfortunes involving their bags and belongings during their previous flights.

“I remember I bought a new luggage from Manila to Orlando, as in bagong bago [siya] nung umalis ng Manila. Pagdating ko ng Orlando, ayun nanlilimahid sa dungis,” a Facebook user said.

“Same with [mine], my dear! Pag balik ko sa akin wala na isa gulong hu hu hu!” another shared.

“Ganyan din po nangyari sa luggage namin. Sira sira pagkuha namin. Matagal na nilang ginagawa yan,” another commented.

As of writing, PAL and Aiko have not issued a public statement or update about the luggage concern.