‘Sablay ako doon’: Vice Ganda admits hosting failure after backlash over Karylle treatment

February 3, 2023 - 11:59 AM
Composite shows "It's Showtime" hosts Karylle and Vice Ganda (Screengrab from ABS-CBN Entertainment)

Vice Ganda vowed to make up for her failure in hosting after social media users called her out for her perceived “disrespectful” behavior toward her co-host Karylle on “It’s Showtime.”

“Oh so I am being called out. Yes, I acknowledge sablay ako doon. P**ah sablay again. Bawi po ako. Bawi right away,” the comedian wrote in a tweet. 

This apology came after a video where Vice could be seen allegedly dismissing co-host Karylle on-air irked fans.

In the circulating video clip from the variety show, Karylle raised the concern of their co-host Vhong Navarro to Vice.

“Vice, may request si Vhongskie. Kasi last time nagre-rehearse siya sa umaga, tapos binigay mo sa iba yung kanta niya,” Karylle said. 

 “Anong problema natin, Karylle?” Vice asked. 

“Hindi, natatawa lang kami kasi isang buwan, pinraktis daw niya,” Karylle responded. 

“O, e, di sana kinanta mo,” Vice said. 

“Sa bawat sulok daw ng bahay niya pinraktis niya,” Karylle added. 

Meanwhile, Vice Ganda responded, “O, okay na yan, Karylle.”

Some social media users perceived Vice’s response “disrespectful” and defended Karylle. They said that Karylle deserves to be treated better. 

“KARYLLE DESERVES BETTER,” an online user wrote

“Karylle is an underrated host. She deserves better,” a Twitter user commented

“I have always been a fan of Karylle and I know that she belonged to that show but it hurts to see her being treated this way by her ‘friend/s.’ KARYLLE DESERVES BETTER,” a social media user said.

Because of these reactions, Karylle’s name trended on Twitter Philippines and Vice later issuing a tweet addressing the online feedback.

Some commended Vice for owning up to her mistake. 

“I appreciate na Meme Vice acknowledged her mistakes,” an online user wrote

“Bawi next time meme. But at least she admits her fault, unlike others, [who turns] blind that they didn’t know she/he trending because they disrespect someone. Ily (I love you) meme,” a Twitter user said

In 2013, Vice and Karylle were paired together which gave birth to the tandem ViceRylle, which was patronized by many. The push for the tandem was toned down after Karylle and Spongecola frontman Yael Yuzon tied the knot in 2014.