‘Daming perfect’: Awra Briguela responds to lewd, scathing remarks vs bikini photo

February 22, 2023 - 7:39 PM
A photo of Awra Briguela on Instagram (awrabriguela/Instagram)

Awra Briguela took a swipe at online users who reacted with perceived homophobic remarks at her recent photo in La Union.

In a tweet on February 21, Awra said that these negative remarks came from the comments section of a report on Facebook. The report was about her swimsuit photo that gained buzz on Instagram.

“Kaya hindi na ako nagamit ng Facebook e, apaka daming perfect na akala mo ang popogi at ang gaganda nila. Jusko,” Awra tweeted.

She uploaded a screenshot of this report in her tweet.

Awra also uploaded some of their Facebook photos to her 1.8 million Twitter followers.

She also called them out via the Twitter thread.

“Nalaman lang yung word na ‘the design’ apaka dami nilang design sa buhay,” she wrote in one of her tweets.

The swimsuit photo being talked about showed off Awra’s curves from behind. It was uploaded on her Instagram account on February 17 with other snapshots of herself in front of the stunning waves of a beach in La Union.

Her followers gushed over how great she looked in the photos. Some of them even said that she looked like Nadine Lustre in one of them.


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In a separate tweet, in further response to her bashers, Awra expressed her view on why these people say cruel comments to her.

“Just FACTS: Unattractive men are the homophobic ones. I asked why?! Maybe because they will never accept the truth…TRUTH that I look good…hmm GREAT and BETTER than they will ever be,” she said.

Her followers later expressed their support for her.

“Expose them mii,” one Twitter user said.

“YASSS!!! CALL THEM OUT!” another fan tweeted.

“I support Awra in doing this. If they can say whatever they want then might as well use your platform to shame them too,” another tweet reads.

Other Twitter users also agreed with Awra’s view that Facebook is not a safe place for members of the LGBTQIA community.

Awra, who’s also a well-known actress and vlogger, has been vocally supporting the fight for the equal rights of the LGBTQIA community through her platform.

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