‘It’s just wrong’: Jiggly Caliente expresses apology to Taylor Sheesh after hurtful post

June 16, 2023 - 12:59 PM
A photo of Jiggly Caliente in a photoshoot in October 2022 (jigglycalienteofficial/Instagram)

Filipino-American drag performer Jiggly Caliente apologized to a Filipino drag queen whom she hurt online.

Jiggly, who was one of the judges in “Drag Race Philippines” Season 1, went live on Instagram on June 15 where she expressed her apology to Mac Coronel, who is also known by her drag name Taylor Sheesh.

This stemmed from her earlier comment on a screenshot of the latter’s performance. She posted this on her Instagram Stories.

Mac and some Filipinos soon saw this post. They perceived it as insulting and shady toward another Filipino drag queen.

The text in Jiggly’s post reads: “Prime example of drag is for everyone, but not everyone should be on stage (laughing emoji).”

Mac gained fame for her Taylor Swift performances in fan events. She landed in international publications for her recreating Taylor’s “Eras Tour” in a fan event in a mall in Quezon City.

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Jiggly’s apology

In her apology, Jiggly acknowledged that what she did was “wrong.”

“I cannot even justify it because it’s my own fault. Ka-malditahan ko and ka-bitchesahan ko and one thing I definitely do not ever want to be a part of is a narrative of purposely or maliciously making somebody feel bad or feel like shit,” she said.

“I want to make an apology to Taylor Sheesh because it’s not my proudest moment and you know…I can’t justify it. It’s just wrong and I don’t want to be that girl that purposely is going to make someone feel bad. That’s not my gig,” the former “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contender said.

“I’m a b**ch but not the b**ch who makes you feel like sh*t. I’m only a b**ch if you provoke me. That was unprovoked and it wasn’t supposed to be…and it just wasn’t right. That’s the only thing I can honestly say,” she further said.

This was prompted after Mac posted a screenshot of Jiggly’s Instagram post on her Twitter account.

She didn’t mention any names in her tweet. This tweet has since been deleted.

“Happy rest day to me,” Mac said, sarcastically.

Screenshot of a now-deleted tweet from Taylor Sheesh

Jiggly admitted that her comment, despite being a joke, was “hurtful.”

“It was a joke. It was hurtful. Honestly, it was messed up. I shouldn’t have done it, to begin with. Even if it was a joke. It’s shady. It’s f*cked up. I didn’t even know the girl,” she said.

Jiggly further emphasized: “It was f*cked up. I’m not proud of that. And I’m really, really sorry to Taylor Sheesh.”

The FilAm artist also said that she already messaged Mac prior to going live.

This was confirmed by the latter. In a tweet on June 16, Mac said that Jiggly had reached out to her and apologized.

“Hi guys. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate that. To my fellow Nectarines, thank you and I love you. Ate @JigglyCaliente4 @Jigglycaliente5 already reached out to me and apologized. So this is settled now,” Mac said.

“Happy Pride everyone!” she added.

Support from other queens  

Cast members of “DRPH” Season 1 showered Mac with love and support via Twitter.

“Anyone who has not seen you perform live does not understand the power you have. Iba ka teh. Di nila alam yung mga pinatumba mo noon na sikat na ngayon haha. Your mind! You will always be legendary VIVORA!!! Love you always sis!” Eva Le Queen said.

“You are my happy pill since day one and nung bago pa ko mag-drag. I love you so much & keep doing you,” Prince Marell tweeted.

Viñas DeLuxe, meanwhile, recalled that she once competed against Mac at a drag cartel in Nectar in Taguig City.

“Fun fact nakalaban ko si @heymacyou sa Nectar drag cartel at lahat ng kalaban niya, including me, nilangaw at nanood na lang sa kanya! Legend! Lady gaga night ito mga misis ha! At naka tshirt lang sya nun,” Viñas said.

“Kaya di nagdalawang isip yung Nectar na gawin siyang reqular queen,” she tweeted.

Minty Fresh encouraged her to join “DRPH” Season 3.

“Sali ka sa season 3, Mac. Magandang drama yan para maloka siya,” Minty said.