‘Who was that?’: Bretman Rock throws shade at Vanessa Hudgens anew

October 18, 2023 - 12:31 PM
Composite image of Bretman Rock's interview with Buzzfeedapop and his portrait (buzzfeedapop, bretmanrock/Instagram)

Bretman Rock took a swipe at Vanessa Hudgens when he was asked about Filipino-American musicians in an interview.

During the Hollywood red carpet premiere for “A Very Good Girl,” Bretman was asked by Buzzfeedapop or Apop, a sub-outfit of Buzzfeed dedicated to Asian-American content, to choose his favorite Filipino-American artists.

The star-studded affair was held in Los Angeles in the US on October 5.

Apop introduced to Bretman a game called “This or That: Filipino-American musicians.”

“Filipino-American musicians? I should be in there, right?” Bretman quipped.

He was then asked to choose between Olivia Rodrigo and Vanessa Hudgens.

“Olivia Rodrigo,” Bretman instantly replied. He then added, “I didn’t even hear the second name. Who was that?”

The Apop reporter repeated Vanessa’s name.

Bretman asked in jest, “Olivia Rodrigo?”

Apop uploaded this video on its social media channels on October 16.


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Last August, Bretman was also perceived to have thrown shade at the “High School Musical” star in his reply to an Instagram user, saying: “Vanessa Hudgens is shaking.”

He was in Palawan at that time for his late birthday celebration.

“B*tch can’t even say Palawan,” Bretman’s reply reads.

Vanessa, who was also in Palawan last April, shared on Instagram her learning the right way to pronounce the MIMAROPA province.

She was there to film a travel documentary about her Filipino heritage.

“So, it’s pa-LA-wan. Not PA-la-wan. Regardless- it’s magical,” she wrote back then.

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Bretman and Vanessa seemed to have no reported public spat.

Filipinos’ differences in opinions of them, meanwhile, might have stemmed from the latter being bestowed the country’s Global Tourism Ambassador Award on March 30.

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While some Filipinos expressed support for her, others pitched in other celebrities they perceived deserving of this title instead.

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Bretman’s latest remark on Vanessa, meanwhile, soon gained buzz on local social media.

Some Filipinos were amused by it. They expressed how much they “loved” him for such a retort.

“Dang! Gotta love him!” a Facebook user said.

“My spirit animal as always hahahahhahaha,” another Facebook user commented.