‘No truth’: Patrick Sugui denies wife involvement with Daniel Padilla before

January 12, 2024 - 6:48 PM
Patrick Sugui and Aeriel Garcia
Patrick Sugui and Aeriel Garcia in this photo posted on Patrick's Instagram on Sept. 13, 2023 (patsugui/Instagram)

Former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Patrick Sugui quashed online speculations of his wife’s supposed involvement with actor Daniel Padilla when the latter was still with actress Kathryn Bernardo.

The actor on Friday addressed circulating screengrabs from discussion website Reddit which claimed that a person — identified as “Mermaid” — had a sexual encounter with “Disco.”

The post also claimed it was one of the “theories” why “Mermaid” is supposedly “no longer friends” with “K.”

Social media users speculated that “Mermaid” was gaming content creator Aeriel Garcia, whose first name is similar to the mermaid Disney princess.

Meanwhile, “Disco” was rumored to refer to Daniel, while “K” was supposed to be Kathryn.

Internet users alleged that the blind item was about them due to the mention of the “eat squad,” which could stand for the “Nguya Squad.”

The “Nguya Squad” is a celebrity friend group that included Patrick, Aeriel, Daniel, Kathryn, Gabbi Garcia, Khalil Ramos, Joe Vargas, Bianca Yanga, Josef Elizalde, Marco Gumabao and Dominic Roque.

The Reddit post about “Mermaid” and “Disco” was posted on the subreddit “r/ChikaPH” two months ago but it regained traction after a user on the X (formerly Twitter) platform brought it up.

Mermaid & Disco
byu/Key_Internet3200 inChikaPH

An X user posted screengrabs of it after Kaye Bernardo, the older sister of Kathryn, reportedly intrigued some Pinoys when she posted a Guy Fawkes mask with the text: “We know what you did last summer.”

Kaye also had the following reported caption: “(2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2023) – [claps, trophy, and masks emojis] and the very first one that I know (2014). [eyes emoji]”

Reports also said two of Kathryn’s longtime friends, Trina Guytingco and Arisse de Santos, commented on the post.

Trina allegedly wrote cursing face emojis, while Arisse commented emojis of two individuals hugging.

Following these developments, Patrick addressed rumors of his wife’s involvement with Daniel in two posts.

“We don’t know where all of this is coming from. But I can assure you, guys, my wife has nothing to do with this,” the former “PBB” housemate wrote on January 12 with a laughing emoji.

“‘Yung ‘di nila pag-attend sa wedding namin before, na-clear na namin ‘yung reason kung bakit ‘di sila nakapunta. Stop making false accusations, please,” Patrick added.

“[We’re] trying to live a quiet life, so please, stop,” he said in another post with another laughing emoji.

“I’m only talking kasi nadawit [na naman] name ng wife ko. There’s no truth to this. That’s all. Salamat,” Patrick continued.

Patrick married Aeriel in 2022 in Batangas. Among the “Nguya Squad” members who were not able to attend were Daniel and Kathryn.

Patrick said the pair were in a “lock-in taping” at that time, hence their absence.

During lock-in tapings, artists and the production staff are housed in one area for a long period and are prohibited from leaving the “bubble.”

The setup was especially implemented during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent them from catching the virus, which would affect production.

Meanwhile, Kathryn admitted breaking up her 11-year romance with Daniel last November, saying that they have “been drifting apart for a while” before their separation.

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