6 Netflix-themed Noche Buena baskets you can snag for free

November 25, 2021 - 10:58 PM
This composite shows Netflix's Noche Buena Baskets and illustration of Judy Ann Santa. (Screenshot via Netflix/Facebook)

Actress-vlogger and restaurateur Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo transformed into “Judy Ann Santa” on Thursday as she announces that streaming giant Netflix is giving away Noche Buena baskets for free.

The announcement came a month before Christmas Day.

In food-loving Philippines, Filipinos hold Noche Buena feast on Christmas Eve and prepare meals at home as we await the birth of Christ. Asian Food Network said it means good night in Spanish and when translated, “it means “evening of goodness.”

In a Facebook video, Judy Ann introduced the Christmas baskets that comes with goodies. She said the Noche Buena baskets are “not typical.”

“Each one of them is inspired by the six biggest Netflix shows and movies of the year,” she said.

The following are the Noche Buena Baskets which would be available to fans until supplies last from November 25 to December 6:

The Gganbu Noche Buena Basket by “Squid Game”

(Available from November 25-26)


It contains Younghee doll, face mask, honeycomb, marbles, bento box and spork, Ramyun, tteokbokki, squid chips, soju.

For Metro Manila residents, basket contains red bean bun while provincial residents can receive red bean cake.

I Louvre Noche Buena Basket by “Emily in Paris”

(Available from November 27 to 28)


The basket has goodies that include keychain set, French roast coffee, a French press, moscato, strawberry preserves, truffle sauce, baguette, croissant, and salami, or sugar cookies, pound cake mix, and canned ham.

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The Merry Christmas (As a Friend) Noche Buena Basket by “My Amanda”

(Available from December 1 to 2)


This set has a variety of goodies such as tattoo set, beer bundle, peanuts, scented candle, instant soup, one pack of pandesal, star stickers, cream puffs.

Manila residents can receive a holiday ham while provincial residents can receive a canned ham.

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The Bili Ciao Noche Buena Basket by “’Money Heist”

(Available from December 3 to 4)


Among the highlights of this Noche Buena basket is the Dali mask. It is also packed by food and drinks such as Sangria, Spanish sardines, gold chocolate coins, churros mix, paellero, poultry seasoning, lollipops, tortilla chips.

Available in Metro Manila are holiday cold cuts while luncheon meat is available in provincial areas only.

The Bentesingko Noche Buena Basket “Trese”

(Available from December 5 to 6)


For the “Trese” basket, it contains tree ornaments, Kambal masks, choco-peanut bar, choco peanut spread, ketchup, craft beer bundle, instand dinuguan, one pack of pandesal, canned sausages.

Like in other sets, Metro Manila residents can receive a holiday ham while provincial area residents can receive a canned ham.

The Most Wanted Noche Buena Basket by “Red Notice”

(Available from December 5 to 6)

Last but not the least, the “Red Notice” themed basket contains keychain, tomato sauce, queso de bola, spaghetti pasta, salami, gin, corned beef, bibingka mix, hot sauce, salami, or luncheon meat.

Netflix fans can avail the Christmas baskets by visiting the Noche Buena website https://netflixnochebuena.com/ from 1 to 6 p.m. until Dec. 6, 2021 and complete the order form correctly.

The streaming giant said there are only 150 baskets up for grabs for order each day.

“Kaya magabang-abang na kayo, kasi paunahan ‘to,” Judy Ann said.

The baskets are not for resale, according to Netflix.

It added that delivery of the baskets will begin on December 13.

“The baskets may contain perishable items. Please refrigerate them upon receipt,” the mechanics also read.