SB19’s Pablo drops debut single ‘La Luna’ with music video

January 28, 2022 - 11:57 PM

Pablo, leader of P-pop hitmakers SB19, began his journey as a solo artist with the release of his debut single La Luna.”

The single is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Philippines.

Pablo also released the official music video for the new single on Friday evening. It has since garnered more than 73,000 views on YouTube as of writing.

The hashtag #PABLOLaLunaMVOutNow is also on the top trending list of Twitter Philippines with over 222,000 tweets.

The 27-year-old artist composed and produced the track which he says is about freeing oneself from conforming to society’s unrealistic expectations.

He added that the banger “La Luna” is also about self-love.

“We all have flaws and we need to accept those imperfections because those are what make us who we are,” Pablo said.

“To be mentally healthy, we need to come to terms with ourselves, that what we feel is valid. We shouldn’t suppress it just so we can please everyone and avoid confrontation. There will always be black in white and white in black. We should maintain balance within us. That’s how we remain sane and alive,” he added.

In a statement, Pablo said he decided to release “La Luna” to confront his personal battles and show his unfiltered side.

“Its focus is mostly about myself, my feelings, my beliefs, how I view the world and how it affects me,” he said.

Pablo also said he incorporated his love for the feelings evoked by music scoring on films.

“It amplifies the emotion that is currently being portrayed. I decided to incorporate that in my music. I want it to be grand and full to bring out the intensity of the song’s emotion,” he said.

“La Luna” marks PABLO’s first official release after teasing the public with an unreleased song titled “???” last week.

Aside from being an SB19 member, Pablo is also wearing the hat of a producer/composer. Last year, he won the top prize at Djooky Music Awards for his collaboration with rapper Josue on “Determinado.” He also wrote all the songs from SB19’s 2021 EP, “Pagsibol.”

He is the second SB19 member to release a single. In 2021, Ken also dropped “Palayo” under his pen name FELIP.