4 tips to make your sleep better, coach counts the ways

July 16, 2022 - 6:31 PM
This photo shows a bed setup from Ikea Philippines. (Ikea Philippines/Released)

It turns out Filipinos have the highest rates of sleep deprivation in Asia, according to a 2016 Healthy Living Index Survey.

The survey cited by sleep influencer and voice-over artist Inka Magnaye said at least 46% of Filipinos are not getting enough sleep while 32% said they sleep for less than six hours a day.

The National Nutrition Council defined sleep deprivation as a term used “state caused by inadequate quantity or quality of sleep, including voluntary or involuntary sleeplessness and circadian rhythm sleep disorders.”

Inka, also the host of “Sleeping Pill with Inka,” on the other hand, described sleep as an essential function everyone needs to do to help our bodies recharge. Lack of sleep may affect one’s memory, cognitive function and well-being.

The sleep coach added that those working on night shifts may still get a healthy sleep by shifting their body clock to day. “Even on their off days,” she added.

But how else do you fight sleep deprivation and clock in more good night sleep?

Lopez listed down other ways on how to make your sleep count.

Setting up environment

The sleep coach said it is important to make your bed a sanctuary for a deep slumber. She cited the importance of letting the room stay dark.

For furniture brand Ikea, an advocate of good sleep, atmosphere is a key factor for a better night’s rest. It is offering products such as black curtains and lamps to adjust the lighting in the bedroom..

Aside from the lighting, sleep accessories such as beds, mattresses, pillows catering to all types of sleepers— back, side and stomach—are also available.

This photo shows a bed setup from Ikea Philippines. (Ikea Philippines/Released)

The brand also believes in improving the room’s air quality through air purifiers and filters and setting the mood through scented candles.

Pre-sleep routine

After setting up the environment, Lopez said rituals before sleeping are also important. She recommended listening to podcasts, breathing exercises or meditation outside bed, warm bath, among others.

“If you’re not sleeping u don’t use the bed. When you’re tired that’s when you come into your bed,” she said during Ikea Philippines’ #MakeYourSleepCount event.


Because people are mostly using their phones and other gadgets, Lopez said unplugging is “the best tip but the hardest to follow.”

“Stop using your gadgets at least an hour before you sleep because the light on your phone tells your body it’s daytime,” she said.

The sleep coach explained that our body releases melatonin naturally, but it is programmed to believe that light means having to stay awake while darkness is equivalent to sleep time. Having a hint of light from gadgets may hinder the release of melatonin.

To achieve the so-called “unplug” before bedtime, content creator Rica Salomon shared that she is putting her phone away from bed.

Inka, on the other hand, shared that she has turned off the notifications on her phone and only retained family and work group chats’ notifications so that she would not be tempted to use her phone.

Be intentional

Lastly, Lopez said getting a better sleep means one being intentional about it.

“You shouldn’t work in your bed. If possible, work outside your room. Keep your bed only for sleep,” she said.

For the sleep consultant, several people are failing to sleep well because they put themselves last and are thinking about work.

She cited the emergence of “reverse bedtime procrastination” when an individual makes up for me-time during bedtime.

Lopez advised against doing this as she stressed that me-time or relaxing time must be done outside sleep.