American skincare brand lists one shopping platform as official Philippine retailer

September 6, 2022 - 8:12 PM
Photo of The Ordinary Products via Zalora's website

Popular US skincare brand “The Ordinary” has been a fan favorite in the Philippines for quite some time now.

Did you know that its official retailer here is only Zalora Philippines?

A Redditor pointed this out on September 4 on an online forum about beauty talks for Filipinos called r/beautytalkph.

“PSA: the only official retailer of the ordinary in the PH is Zalora. Please be careful about where you buy your The Ordinary products,” the Redditor said.

In the post, the online user shared that this information was stated on the website of Deciem, the brand’s parent company.

“I was checking the Deciem website (parent company of the ordinary) when I found out that they have an official retailer in the Philippines. I went to see who it was and it was Zalora,” the post reads.

“I created an account and I was lucky enough to snag their new haircare serum and it made me wonder how many people are aware of this,” it added.

This can be found on the “Find Us” page of Deciem’s website.

Below is a screenshot of the page. Zalora is the only name listed as the company’s online partner for selling The Ordinary products.

Screenshot of Deciem’s website captured on September 6, 2022


In Zalora, on the other hand, it was indicated that The Ordinary products it carries are from its flagship store in the Philippines.

Screenshot of Zalora’s The Ordinary page captured on September 6, 2022