Rod Singh, Manila Luzon hopeful to bring ‘Drag Den’ to Metro Manila streets

February 3, 2023 - 7:56 PM

“The goal is to bring ‘Drag Den back to the streets.”

This was the common goal shared by “Drag Den Philippines” creator director Rod Singh and its host Manila Luzon after the successful run of the first Pinoy drag competition.

The drag reality competition concluded last January 26 with Naia being crowned as the first Drag Supreme.

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Asked if there will be a second season, Rod said she is hopeful.

“Let’s hope na sana meron,” she said during the finale’s press conference.

“For us naman, it definitely won’t stop here,” Rod added.

Rod said the reason why they hold live events such as the Dragdagulan which had two runs in Maginhawa, Quezon City.

“So, the goal is to bring drag den back to the streets. So even though walang bagong season, just in case ‘di ba? ‘Yung vision ng ‘Drag Den’ as a TV show ay magpapatuloy pero sa kalsada naman,” she said.

In an interview with Interaksyon, Manila also expressed hope to bring drag contests to Metro Manila streets.

“I hope that I’ll get to see a little barangayan showdown, Dragdagulan on the streets of Manila,” she said.

“I think that we’ll see a lot more of that because I think a lot of people, when they watch a show, they dream of doing it for themselves and I’m really appreciative of direk Rod for going out of their way and making these opportunities for, for other people just like off the street to, to sign up and come out there and show the world that they have,” Manila said.

Manila stressed the weight of giving an opportunity to drag hopefuls, citing that it boosts their confidence and inspires them to be better. She is hopeful that “Dragdagulan” which recently got support from Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte will encourage hopefuls.

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“That’s important, you know, because there are so few opportunities for people in our community, to show what they are, what they’re all about. I think that a little street performance, can boost their confidence, can, you know, inspire them to do bigger things to be more confident and powerful in front of other people and strangers and just to live more authentically,” she told Interaksyon.

“That’s what that’s about, and to have an entire community cheering them on, that is so important,” Manila added.

The “Drag Race” alumna said that she understands how the drag hopefuls feel, saying that as drag queens, they are “nothing without their audiences.”

Manila expressed hopes her drag will also inspire many.

“Look, if a big old man like me can throw on some makeup and feel fabulous in over-the-top outfits and the way I choose to express myself, hopefully, that will inspire other people to think differently and how they want to express themselves and be more authentic,” she concluded.

The public may rewatch the first season of “Drag Den Philippines” on Prime Video.