A journey of rediscovery and self-acceptance: Clara Benin unveils sophomore album

August 12, 2023 - 1:57 PM
Clara Benin (OFFMUTE/Released)

Another album filled with the angelic melodies of Filipino singer-songwriter Clara Benin comes our way, mesmerizing once again listeners of the alternative, indie pop music scene.

Joining her nine-track album “befriending my tears” are her singles “affable dork”, “blink”, “different…”, “small town” and her latest “impostor syndrome.” Benin touches on core human thoughts, self-discovery and acceptance amid adversity.

She bands together with renowned producers Sam Marquez, Tim Marquez, Gabba Santiago and The Ringmaster in weaving a record that radiates warmth and comfort like a friendly hug.

“This album’s lyrical theme is learning to believe in yourself,” Benin said. “You can surround yourself with all these people who love you and believe in you, but if you don’t love yourself and believe in yourself first, you’re just going to keep hurting inside. We all need to learn how to befriend our tears in order to heal.”

This is Benin’s second album, following her EP “fragments” released during the COVID-19 pandemic to serve as a reminder of the everchanging seasons in the pre-pandemic days. Now, her seraphic voice blesses the ears of Filipinos with a dream that nudges oneself to love, lose and grow all at the same time.

Benin produced this album with the goal of expanding her sound into a more “refreshing musical direction” resonating her indie folk and emo influences.

“Working on this record, I really learned how to be intentional with all the details and elements of production,” Benin shared.

“I wanted every song to sound new and fresh to the listener’s ears, and I want the songs to not just have an emotional impact but a visceral impact as well, which is what song production can do,” she added.

A journey of coming to terms with her own insecurities and intrusive thoughts, the singer-songwriter penned these lyrics as a testament to her own experience of rediscovery – a narrative that will strum one’s heartstrings.

Here is the list of tracks included in the album:

  • “imposter syndrome”
  • “small town”
  • “blink”
  • “different…”
  • “affable dork”
  • “momentary”
  • “keep still”
  • “darling, i’ve been there”
  • “don’t hurt yourself trying to get it all back”

Benin’s new album “befriending my tears” is out on all digital streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. This was produced under Sony Music Entertainment’s pan-regional label OFFMUTE.  —Intern, Dominique Nicole Flores